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You need help gaining the confidence to show up online for your audience.

You are winging your content most days and need more of a plan.

You struggle to come up with ideas for your content

You’re not sure if your message is right to attracte YOUR people.

You need help to be more consistent

You want to make more sales

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Nicola Depiazzi Marketing Consultant and Coach

I’m Nicola and I’m passionate about helping women step into the role of business owner by focusing on the whole YOU.  I want to teach you to have awesome marketing and content strategy but I’m also very interested in your mindset and how that affects your success.

I am a marketing consultant and coach with an NLP practitioner’s qualification.


This is what I know to be true:

That it takes showing up consistently, taking action, getting over whatever is holding you back, and creating an effective strategy to achieve success.

I love to help women in business transform into the business owner they know they need to BE in order to HAVE the business they desire.

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Thriving Business Mums Club


Transform into the business owner you know you need to BE.  Up your marketing skills, change your mindset, get organised.  Monthly support and online course.  Worried about the cost of business coaching?  Membership is for you!

Pick My Brains power hour



Are you stuck?  Do you need help to get going on the road to success again?  Whether it’s a burning question, permission to move forwards, or clarity on a decision.  I am here to help you overcome your struggle and move forwards

planning and organisation for business mums



Been in business a while and not getting results from your marketing?  For a quick win to get out of a funk, hit me up for a marketing audit.  We’ll work out what’s not working, what you can do better & build a 90 day plan going forward.

marketing & content STRATEGY



How are you getting eyes and ears on your business?  If you are new to business and/or have no concrete plan in place to attract and convert customers; it’s time you created a strategy.  No plan is a quick route to failure

The Whole Woman 1:1 Business Coaching



What do you need to become the business owner you know you need to BE in order to HAVE the business of your dreams. 

Whole Woman coaching incorporates marketing & strategy plus your internal world & much more……

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The Whole Woman Business Podcast

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