Website maintenance

Website Updates and maintenance

Do you know how to keep your site safe from cyber attacks?  Is your site being backed up daily?  If the site went down would you know how to restore the back up?  Are you regularly updating your plug-ins and themes?
If you want to be secure in the knowledge that your site is up to date and safe, then think about one of these options.

option 1 - $30 per month

  • updates of WordPress theme, plug-ins & WordPress.
  • daily backup
  • security scan

option 2 - $55 per month

  • updates of WordPress theme, plug-ins & WordPress.
  • daily backup
  • security scan


Up to 3 changes to text and images over the month.  For example if you have a new event to promote or have a new service that needs adding to your site.

wordpress websites I have created
child side school

This school’s website was outdated and not functioning very well.  I created a new site  using the old information but in a more modern style and with a more user friendly layout.  Check it out!

zimmerman yoga

Ines had recently started her own yoga business and needed a simple website to advertise her classes and to write her blog.

bunbury chinese new year festival

This event started 3 years ago and required a website to publicise the event as well as some information about Chinese Culture.

nic dep marketing

This is where it all began.  With my own site which allowed me to be creative and learn about WordPress.

websites I have updated

making memories with deb

Deb came to me with a website she had created on Wix.  It had the bare bones but really needed help with styling and effeciency.  I created a more pleasant looking site and added a few useful features such as starting a mailing list.


Although this site was not originally created by me, i have been updating it for the last 2 years.  I think it now has a more modern appeal.