time management for busy business mums

Congratulations on taking action to work on your time.  It is my mission to help as many mums in business as possible to thrive.

I do this by helping them step into the role of business owner and dedicate themselves to the success of their business with the same commitment that they have for raising their kids.

For mums running businesses in reduced hours this means learning to work efficiently.

 Here you will learn that a success mindset is vital.  You will find out how to work smart in terms of marketing your business and making sales.  And you will pay attention to your productivity.

So let’s get stuck into learning how to work WITH your time, rather than AGAINST it.

Day 1

It is vital to switch from an employee mindset to more of an entrepreneurial mindset if you are going to have a successful business.  How you CHOOSE to spend your time is of utmost importance which is why we start by focusing on YOU.


Manage Yourself First Worksheet

Day 2

How you organise your day and what you CHOOSE to focus on during your work time will be the difference between success and failure.  It is time to master your tasks.

Manage Your Tasks Worksheet V2

Daily Time Tracker (Google Sheets)

Day 3

Master your systems and save time.  Although systems take time to set up initially; in the long run having well thought out systems in your business and life will save you time each day, week & month.

Manage Your Systems