Getting Started Online Package


  • Set-up/audit social media platforms – predominantly Facebook & Instagram.
  • Link Instagram and Facebook accounts
  • Set up/audit Google My Business listing
  • Provide a content planner
  • A 1 to 2 hour training session providing information on:
    • Different types of content
    • How to create content
    • What content to create for which platform
    • Understanding your insights
    • Scheduling posts
    • Apps for creating content
    • Goal setting
  • Information booklet containing all the information discussed
  • For tourism/hospitality businesses set up/audit of Trip Advisor listing


What Happens Next?

Post Package Catch-up (usually 2-4 weeks after)                                                         

Once you have spent some time getting to grips with all the information from the initial coaching session; you may find you have more questions and would like to delve a little deeper…..

  • In this 1 -2 hour session I will:
  • Provide additional answers to any questions
  • Assist you to fill out the content planner
  • Walk you through creating your first 2 graphic posts
  • Provide further encouragement and tuition for using video and going live!
  • Show you how to add captions to your videos (essential because most videos on FB are seen with the sound turned down)
  • Further information on discovering your audience and why this is important
  • Post package phone calls to answer additional questions (2 x 15 mins calls)


Paid Advertising Package                                                                                

Would you like to understand how to create targeted paid adverts for Facebook? 

I can give you a private tutorial tailored to your requirements on the basics of Ads Manager.

You’ll come away with an understanding of the different types of adverts, how to create an audience, how to put together a campaign and how to measure the success of your advert.


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