How to be an Organised Mum and Business Owner


Being a working mum running your own business is not an easy task but it can be a worthwhile one if you do it right.


It’s important to understand that none of us get it right all the time.  There will definitely be good days and bad days.  Times where work is pressured with deadlines looming and days when the kids might be sick.


It is possible to be a business mum and a good mum though.  This post will highlight my top 5 tips for how to be an organised mum and a business owner.

Many of the business mums I work with complain about lack of time and lack of understanding from their kids and families.  I mean, we are often based at home working in the home office so why isn’t the house organised AND the business thriving?


It’s true that time is our most precious resource and that we need to use our time wisely but it’s even truer that we cannot control our time.  What we can control is where we put our attention and energy.


Ok let’s dive in to learning how to be an organised mum and business owner.

1. Look at the roles you have and how they affect your week.

Perhaps your personal roles are those of mum, wife, daughter or sports coach.  Then your business roles are marketing manager, accountant, creator – work from home business owners often wear all the hats – there are many different roles in a week.


Plan your week to take into consideration all the different roles you play and where your attention needs to go to fulfill the tasks you have within those roles.  It’s important to separate your personal and work lives.  If you have lots of commitments with the kids on a certain day, then try not to also work at the same time.


It’s also really important to make sure your kids understand why you work and run your own business.  One of my main drivers is to have flexibility to be there for the kids when they come home from school, to run them to their activities and to be able to attend school events.  It helps if they know that you do it for them as much as for yourself.  


Plus what a great role model you are – building your own business!


2. Good Planning and Organisation

Planning comes into both personal and professional lives too.  Lists, templates and scheduling are my go to, especially for repetitive tasks.  


Plan ahead as much as possible so you can book in your work time.  Knowing exactly what you need to be working on when you do have work time is essential to being productive (see “switch on’ below).


Lists allow us to get the information out of our head and onto paper.  By writing things down, you are not only calming your mind but you are also creating an opportunity for the tasks to be handed over to someone else (see ‘delegate’ below)


Templates are life saviours for repetitive tasks.  If you regularly do the same tasks for work or home, then create a system.  Write down the steps to follow so that you don;t have to reinvent the wheel each time you do something.  Similarly, templates for social media, email marketing, web pages are all useful tools that will keep you organised plus save time and energy.


Use time blocking as much as possible to schedule your working slots each week.


But also schedule certain tasks to happen on certain days.  As humans we like knowing what is coming next and a neat schedule allows us to plan our other roles around tasks that are non negotiable.  E.g If you iron each week, create a day so you know it’s ironing day.  Or mop the floor day.  Or shopping day.  

3. Ask For Help / Delegate

If it takes a village to raise a child then it takes at least a small town to build and run a business!  Find other business mums or working mums and help each other out; especially in the holidays.  Also, handover any household jobs that you can.  Celebrate that you are providing employment for another female business owner when you employ a cleaner or someone to do your ironing.  

planning and organisation for business mums
If your children are old enough then delegate age appropriate jobs and make sure you get your partner in on the running of the household too.

Spend a week auditing where your time is spent.  Literally take a note of each job you do then categorise them into professional and home tasks.  From there you can work out a good system for the tasks and who should be completing each one.

4. Switch On When it is work time & limit distractions

We’ve established that our time is limited so when you do get your “work time” make sure you are switched on and focusing on the task at hand.  This means limiting distractions.  Place your phone in the other room.  Concentrate on one task at a time.  For example, do not try to cook dinner whilst also finishing an important job for a client.


Invest in a good pair of noise cancelling headphones so that you can block out any family noise and concentrate fully on your work.  If you only have 1 hour, you’re going to want to make the most of it.


A good way to focus is to set a timer and actually limit the time you have to finish a task.  This helps you focus wholeheartedly and will often see you finish a task quicker than if you let yourself have longer.

You may also like to check out my training video “How to Overcome Feeling Stuck’

5. Make time for you

A large part of staying organised and productive is down to the energy you have to commit to all your tasks.  Although taking time out seems a bit of a juxtaposition to being a present parent and switched on business owner, it is the one thing you NEED to schedule into your week in order for you to function well.


Don’t feel guilty about going to the gym or having a quiet coffee by yourself in a cafe because in the long run that is what is going to refresh you and sustain you to keep pushing forwards with everything.  


If we run ourselves dry (otherwise known as burnout) then both our family and our business will suffer.  Me-time is a non negotiable in my book.  How will you squeeze some me-time into your week?

I hope this has helped you learn to be an organised mum and business owner.

What else would you add to the list?





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How to Simplify Your Content Strategy

how to simplify your content strategy

Most business owners have several social media platforms as well as a website that require content and in all honesty; it can be very time consuming.  This blog will highlight how to simplify your content strategy because for many women in business working from home, content can suck up most of the time available for work. 

We wear all the hats and do everything in our businesses so simplified systems for the low impact tasks are essential to ensure time remains for results driven high impact tasks.

What is the importance of a content strategy?

A strategy allows you to have a plan.  In the long run having a plan is going to bring better results than if you’re simply winging your content in a haphazard way.

Why Simplify?

Your marketing content does not have to be complicated.  We are all busy, our attention is needed in many different areas as business mums so let’s concentrate on the things that really matter.   Finding a productive way to create and deliver content will allow you to focus on other areas of your business and life because content won’t be taking over.

Here are my top tips to simplify your content strategy

goal setting female business owner

1. Know Your Goals

Are you wanting to gain more followers on social media, more traffic to your website or more sign ups to your email list?  Having a clear goal will help you to keep focused.  The goals can change per month or quarter as your business strategy and goals change.

2. Know your audience

Be clear about your current audience as well as your potential audience and create content that will draw them to you.  What pain points do they have that you help to solve?  How do they consume their content?  Use this Ideal Avatar Checklist to create your ICA if you haven’t already or to update it.

TIP: always do keyword research before creating blog posts to find out what your target audience is searching.  I use Keywords Everywhere for Chrome

3. Know Your Channels of Communication

Which platforms are your audience hanging out on?  Are you engaging with your audience via social media or via a regular email?  Know how to talk to your followers and how often.  One of the most important factors in simplifying your strategy is to focus on quality over quantity. 

TIP: quality content is king.  It is better to post less frequently but with amazing content that is highly valuable to your audience.

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Simplify Your Business Systems


Here is where we get into the nitty gritty of having a simple content strategy. If you have an ad hoc approach to this, you are likely to fail.

Below highlights how to simplify your content creation.  A system that will stop you winging it!

–  Decide on a day to plan your content and put that task in your planner.  Preferably around the 15th of the month to plan for the following month.

–  Batch your content.  Set aside another couple of days to create the content.  Put those days in your task manager.  Aim to create a week’s worth of social media posts in one sitting.  Or a month’s worth of blog posts in one go.

–  Schedule as much of your content as you can.


This will ensure you are much more systemised in your approach to content.  No more winging it every day wondering what to post and where to get ideas from.


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How to Efficiently Work ON your business not just IN it

Are you busy with the day to day activities in your business but not finding time for the high impact tasks such as planning, strategy and ways to move your business forwards? Then you need to learn how to work ON your business, rather than just IN it.

how to work on your high impact tasks
This 11 minute video training will talk you through the Time Management Matrix so you can better understand how to prioritise the important tasks.  This will help you to include planning, strategy, development of new products and training into your business.
Imagine being an effective person who is open to new opportunity rather than constantly problem solving to keep your business alive?
How good would it feel to know you are getting the day to day tasks done AND finding time for the important tasks to help your business thrive into the future.
Dive in and let me know what you got from the video in the comments.

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RECLAIM YOUR TIME – follow this free Roadmap 

Roadmap to Reclaim Your Time

Uncover 5 elements required to be a productive business mum

3 Things You can do TODAY to be more productive in life and business

how to be productive

Mums in business are generally busy people.  The business is usually based at home both for convenience and to cut down on overheads. Plus there is also a family to run which is no easy feat.  It is for this reason that I focus on helping women create thriving businesses without sacrificing their family.  


I often get asked by female business owners how to make the most of the limited time available to them.  Of course there are many things that will help with productivity however in this post I aim to address the 3 things you can do today to be more productive in life and business.

If you want less overwhelm and more results, these are in my opinion, the three most important aspects of productivity.

the 3 most important aspects of productivity for a thriving business

Focus on your mindset

1. Work on your mindset

The number 1 thing that is going to hold you back from progressing efficiently with your business is your mindset.  With business mums having limited time, it is essential to have your mindset set to success.  


If fear of putting yourself out there, of judgement or of failure is holding you back then you are essentially self sabotaging your success.  Have you heard the quote “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” (a book by Susan Jeffers)?  That is the difference between success and failure.  Those that do it anyway will always have more opportunity to succeed.  

Another thing to note is that procrastination is the number one dream killer.  Procrastination is simply a way for your brain to keep you safe.  Our unconscious mind is always looking for the path of least resistance so when a difficult task comes up and those uncomfortable feelings arise; your brain is going to keep you safe in your comfort zone.  Another quote for you “Get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable”.  Workout why you are procrastinating and over what tasks but then do it anyway!


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2. Get to know your habits 

We all develop habits as the years go by.  Some are useful and some are not.  The way we procrastinate is a habit.  Other habits that affect your efficiency to do business are multi-tasking, being a control freak, talking too much and not listening to your clients or audience, wasting time on things unrelated to your business…..the list goes on.

On a personal note, if you are staying up late every night binge watching tv, not eating well or not practicing some form of self care then you may need to reassess these habits too. 

When you remove the habits that do not serve you or your business but continue to love the good habits, you are on your way to a thriving business.

Pivot your business online

3. Systems and Structure in Your Business

Mumpreneurs tend to wear ALL the hats in business which is another very good reason for installing great systems.  In particular, if you have recurring tasks in areas such as blog production, accounts & invoicing, content for social platforms, emails and phone calls, welcoming new clients or thanking existing customers.  Try not to reinvent the wheel every time you do a task that is repeated often.

As humans we like familiarity.  With a good system in place, it should require little thought and minimal effort to maintain.  It will be easier to delegate or outsource when you are financially able to do so. It means time is not wasted working out what needs to be done and in what order.  


Allowing yourself time to plan and implement systems rather than always being on the hamster wheel of doing could mean the difference between success and failure.


So there you have it. I hope this post has shown you the 3 things you can do today to be more productive in life and business.

With a bit of planning, hard work and getting out of our own way; us business mums can thrive.

Much love for now…


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