Ten Tips to Increase your Social Media Engagement

Want to increase your social media engagement?  If people are engaging with you, then it means they like what you do and like hearing from you.  We all know that engagement on social media is about developing relationships and building trust.  And when trust is in place, you are more likely to convert a follower into a customer.

We can’t all be at the stage of having thousands of highly engaged followers.  We have to start somewhere. At the beginning it can be soul destroying to be posting every day to several sites and feeling like no one is seeing your fantastic content.  So here are my Ten Tips to Increase Your Social Media Engagement.

1. ASK

By asking questions you are inviting people to interact with you.  There are so many ways you can do this now. Try creating a poll, doing a survey, doing a video where you invite people to place their answers in the comments, use your Stories to ask questions or ask for feedback.


If you receive a question from a follower or you simply see a question that is relevant to your audience then respond to it in one of your posts or stories.  This is a great way to have very relevant content specifically for your audience and if you can mention or tag the person that asked the question; even better!

Have you come across this term? It basically means to make a game of your content to encourage interaction and engagement. Tap into people’s love of playing games and get your audience joining in with something. No one wants FOMO, so people are likely to join in if it’s fun. For example, ask for followers to post a video of themselves using your product and the best one will win a prize. Or ask some trivia questions relating to your industry. Your imagination is the only limit here.

Competitions and giveaways go great on Instagram. You need to be a little more careful with Facebook and make sure you don’t break the rules. On Instagram however you can ask for tags and comments in exchange for going in a draw to win a prize. This hugely increases engagement because followers tag their friends.

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Always respond to comments or mentions that followers leave on your posts. If you can start a conversation with someone, help answer a question or simply say thanks for taking the time to comment, you are more likely to be remembered. Social media is after all meant to be social. Increase connections with your followers by being responsive.

Bring what is happening in the real world into your world if it has relevance to your audience.  For example, if your audience is predominantly working mums then post about going back to school or halloween & christmas. This will let your audience know that you get them and is a way to share stories of your experiences.

Content created by your followers is very powerful. For a start, it means you haven’t had to do anything to create a whole new post! By sharing user-generated content you are tagging a follower which shows that you see them and you care about what your audience does and posts. Don’t be afraid to ask your audience to tag you in their posts so you can share it on your feed. People get a buzz from being featured!

This takes a small amount of planning. Tell your audience in a post that you are going to do a Q and A session and ask them to supply their burning questions. This can be done using Stories or as a normal post with questions left in the comments. Then in the next day or two, let your audience know that you will answer their questions. It’s a great way for people to get to know you.

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Use your Insights to ensure you are posting at optimal times when your audience is online to increase engagement.

If you can collaborate with other accounts in a similar field or with a similar audience then you will get yourself in front of that person;s audience. This greatly increases your chances of getting engagement with a new set of followers. Why not look into appearing on someone’s podcast, write a guest blog post or a do Stories take-over.

Hopefully these ten tips to increase your social media engagement has given you some ideas to implement in your social strategy to increase engagement. Let me know what works for you and what doesn’t in the comments below.


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5 Apps for Awesome Social Media

Here are the top 5 apps that I use on a daily basis to consistantly create social media content.



This is one of the easiest apps to use to add beautiful text to your photos.

You can use your own images, their free options or a choice of free stock photos.

There is a free version of this app or you can upgrade to pro.  I wouldn’t be without this one!


This app allows you to be your very own graphic designer.  The desktop version gives you the freedom to create flyers, a vast array of social media posts and ads for many different platforms and create beautiful visuals.  I use the mobile version too.  Canva is the other main graphic design service provider.


If you want to plan how your Instagram feed looks before your posts go live then use this app.  I also use it to store images and graphics so I’ll often have up to a weeks worth of posts waiting to go.  It is free for one Instagram account.


I use this app to tell me when the optimal time to post on Instagram is.  There is a free version so give it a goand hopefully you’ll see your engagement increase.


I honestly could not work without this notekeeping app.  It allows me to write down anything that springs to mind and it is where I store most of my content ideas. Sometimes you just need to get things down no matter where you are. There is even a voice recording option.

You can easily use these 5 Apps on a daily basis to create your own awesome social media content and before you know it, you’ll have a highly engaged audience!

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Should I Be Using Facebook and Instagram?

I deliver a one on one ‘Getting Started Online’ workshop to female business owners and one of the most frequently asked questions is “Should I be using both Facebook and Instagram?”. 

The easy answer to this question is “It depends where your audience is hanging out”.  It’s all very well using Instagram because you love it, but if your audience is only on Facebook then you won’t be reaching your target market.

For some female business owners, trying to get to grips with one social platform is hard enough when they are not familiar with social media.  My advice would always be to learn one platform well before moving on to another and only use a second if it is suitable for the audience.

Personally, I love Instagram and prefer to hang out there.  However, I know that my target audience of mums new to business are more than likely hanging out on Facebook so I use both platforms. 

If like me, you are using both or you are unsure where you should be posting your amazing content; then here is a run-down of the two social platforms.

Let’s Start with Facebook

There are over 2.41 billion monthly users on Facebook worldwide.  This means that due to the size of Facebook (huge!!), you cannot ignore it as part of your digital marketing strategy.

Facebook is thought of as the social platform for the older demographic however, according to research the most common demographic is women between 25-34.  If this is your target market then you should definitely be using Facebook.

96% of Facebook users access it via their mobile devices so when you create content and design ads, always think about how it looks on mobile.

Video is important to Facebook.  Remember to add captions to your videos as 85% of people watch video without sound.  Stats show that people spend 3 x as much time watching a Live video than watching a pre-recorded one.  If you are not familiar with creating video then I always advise to start with pre-recorded until you get your skills refined.

Facebook allows you to do so much more than Instagram in terms of content production.  As part of your content strategy, you should include video but also the sharing of news articles and information from experts or industry bodies in your field; you can ask questions via a poll, you can create events and much more.

New to marketing?

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Now to Instagram.

Facebook owns Instagram but they are still very different platforms.

Instagram is much more about being visually appealing.  The content on your feed is led by beautiful photos that should represent your brand and appeal to your target audience.  Instagram does now allow video in the feed too but it’s limited to 60 seconds.

Instagram Stories however allows you to be more creative and show a behind the scenes look at you and your business.  Think imaginative content creation designed to build trust and give followers a chance to get to know the person or people behind the brand.

1.1 billion people use Instagram every month and 71% of users are under the age of 35 with an even spread between women and men.  If your audience is younger and more aware of aesthetics, then you should be using Instagram.

Instagram users are very active logging in at least once a day.  Instagram is a mobile only platform so it is very easy for users to access via their mobile devices.  This also means your content needs to come from your phone, take photos and videos you want to upload with your phone only.

Hashtags are probably the main difference between Facebook and Instagram.  Using relevant hashtags to your brand and industry means you are discoverable.  But it also works the other way around.  You can discover your audience by following hashtags that are being used by them.

Unlike Facebook, Instagram does allow you to hold competitions.  Use this to grow your audience and build brand awareness.

Finally, the other question I get asked a lot is “Should I share my Instagram content straight to Facebook?”

My answer is “Sometimes”.  The two platforms are quite different with audiences that won’t necessarily like the same content.  It’s a good idea to keep an eye on your Insights to see what type of content works well on each platform.

Also, if someone follows you on both platforms, they are not going to want to see the same content twice.  When creating content for either Facebook or Instagram, always think about what will serve your audience best.

The infographic below summarises this article for you.  Hopefully this post helps you understand the question “Should I be using Facebook and Instagram?” a little better.


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What Is Content Workflow

How to Generate up to 11 Types of Content from One Blog Post

What do I mean by Content Workflow?  A set of tasks to be completed after each blog post has been created.  The tasks become your content to be shared with your followers.

Once you’ve read this article, you will be able to generate up to 11 types of different content from just one blog post.

I’m imagining you happily writing away, creating blog post after blog post but I worry that you’re not using those blogs to their full potential and generating social media content to drive people to your website.

Coming up with new content ideas for your social media platforms is also hard work isn’t it?  Feeding the endless beast that is social media can be draining but by using your blog posts to create the content; you will be creating a beautiful workflow.

Click here to check out a previous post that explains what content is.

Back to the basics of blog writing

The aim of your beautifully written blog is to drive traffic to your website and ultimately make a sale of your product or service.  Therefore, you ideally want to be referring your followers back to your latest blog on your website from as many different places online as possible.

But first, you need to look at SEO.  Before you even write your post you should check what people are searching for around your chosen topic?  Take a note of relevant key words and terms to include in your title and throughout your post.  I use a Chrome Extension called Keywords Everywhere.  By taking advantage of these free tools you will be using relevant and searchable key words and your post will be more likely to be seen.

Now for the Content Workflow

With your blog post now written and full of key word terms that match the topic; you can now put in place your content workflow and create up to 11 different types of content for your social media platforms.

But how you say?  Well check out my infographic that explains it all with fruit!  Of course it does!!

Content Creation Tips

Following this content flow means you are creating relevant content for your audience that relates to your latest blog post.

It allows you to speak to your followers directly by doing video and lives and it allows you to drive traffic to your post and therefore your website which as I’ve said; is the ultimate goal.

The infographic highlights how a simple content workflow allows you to turn your latest blog post into content for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and to email it to your list.

I hope this has been helpful and allows you to relax a little bit around content creation for social media.  You CAN feed the beast and get the desired result of website traffic too 😊


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5 Reasons Google Analytics is of Benefit to your Business?

In this post I will show you the 5 benefits of using Google Analytics for your business.

The main importance of Google Analytics to business is to understand where your traffic is coming from and to gain an insight into your audience.

But let’s delve a little deeper into this…


1. If you are selling products or services and you are using several platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn with the end goal to send people to your website; then wouldn’t it be valuable to know which of your channels is performing well? Google Analytics benefits your business by providing you with details of where your traffic is coming from.



2. You will also be spending time in your business creating content for your various platforms. Your content strategy should include a selection of ways you get your message across to your target audience.  For example, photos, graphics, educational and informational posts, videos etc.  It would be of great benefit to your business to know which content performs the best and to find out which type of content is leading your ideal clients to your site.



3. Where are your customers going once they get to your site? And how long are they spending there?  Again, this is valuable information because it tells you which pages on your site are working well.  The analytics can also tell you the journey that customers follow once they get to your site.  It’s useful to know that your site is easy to explore with Call To Actions in the right places.



4. How well are your pages or landing pages performing? Google Analytics provides you with a Bounce Rate. This is the percentage of people that visit a single page and take no action.  For example, if someone went to your landing page and didn’t click on any buttons then that would add to your bounce rate.  This tells you if your pages are performing well and gives you a reason to change things up.



5. The final benefit of Google Analytics to your business is detailed demographic information about your ideal audience. You may think you know who your audience is here you can get the real information.  You will learn the age, gender, geographic location of our audience.  This means you can ensure you are delivering the right type of engaging content that particular audience wants to see.


I hope this article has shown you why Google Analytics is a massice benefit to your business.

Look out for a blog coming soon detailing exactly how you install Google Analytics to your site.


Is Your Business Ready for Christmas

Get Your Business Ready for Christmas

We’re already into November and with Christmas in just 7 weeks’ time; this blog should help you ensure your business is organised.

If you haven’t got these things in place, start today!

Firstly, make sure you have good systems in place to handle extra demand and increased orders at this time of year.  Use the previous year’s data to ensure you have the right stock levels and look at any data you have relating to your customers from last Christmas.  If you have the right customers in mind when planning your marketing then you will be targeting the right people with the right messages.


On Line

Make sure your website is optimised for mobile and tablet as many people shop online in their lunch hour or while they’re watching tv in the evenings.

Keep the information on your site and social channels up to date.  If you sell out of something make sure it’s clear.

You might want to add a bit of Christmas cheer to your site with some festive themed graphics

Check all payments systems and follow up emails are working correctly so your customer service journey goes smoothly.

Check that your opening hours are kept up to date over the festive period so your customers know when you’re closing and when you re-open after the silly season.

Festive Marketing Plan

Keep all online channels up to date with what’s available and what isn’t and when new stock is going to become available.

Keep reminding people via social channels what they can buy their loved ones.  Last minute shopping is still a big thing!

Organise your social content for the run up to Christmas and for over the festive period.  Schedule your posts so you don’t need to be in front of your computer when you should be with your family.

Are you running any special offers such as free delivery or gift wrapping?

Upselling and cross-promoting – could you be selling 2 items instead of 1?

Organise your email campaigns highlighting your products and special offers.

Do you need to do any extra TV or radio advertising for this period?

Will you hold a VIP night or special event for loyal customers?

Think now about your campaign for the new year.  Will you discount excess stock?

Hope this helps you stay on top of things for the crazy Christmas period.  

Remember to promote your gift vouchers too –  always a popular gift.