5 Tips for Setting Boundaries when Working From Home


Do you set boundaries or even know that you should?  One of the biggest problems I hear from mums in business is they do not know how to switch off.  Do you find yourself on your computer more than you are with your kids?

How often does your work creep into your family life?

The thing is, there will always be more to do for your business, just as there is always more to do around the house.

Our kids need our attention as much, if not more than our businesses.  If your end goal is to have a successful  business as well as a happy family life with free time to spend with your kids, then you are going to need to think about how to establish boundaries.

This post will give you 5 tips for setting boundaries when working from home.  It’s not always easy to find work life balance when you work from home but with some boundaries in place, it is possible to aim for some balance.

1. Live with Integrity


Set your working hours and stick to them.  In fact, whenever you set boundaries, the only way they work is if you adhere to them.  They are easy to break but if you do you are breaking a promise with yourself and your kids.  If you have integrity and manage yourself well then you will stick to your promises.

2. be productive


To ensure you stick to your work hours you need to be productive in the time you do have to work.  Check in with your habits, where time is being drained away and your mindset.  Make the most of the time you have available for work.


Here are some tips for working productively

  1. Have a great system for task management
  2. Stay organised
  3. Limit distractions
  4. Create an end of day routine to plan for the following day
  5. Batch similar tasks together



3. Create guidelines


It’s ok for you to set boundaries around the way you work.  For example, meetings only take place on certain mornings.  Phone calls go to voicemail to be returned at lunch time and before school pick up.  Emails are checked first thing and last thing only.  Client or project work is always done in the afternoon and the morning is for admin and content.  Think about how you can structure your week and implement those rules.

4. Switch Off


When it is family time have a policy where you switch off from technology completely.  Switch off your computer, turn off all notifications and put your phone in another room when it is time to be with the kids.

5. working late


Many mums in business will do a bit more work once the kids are in bed.  I know I do!  But not every night of the week.  The key here is to set a boundary so you stop work and make time for a cuppa and a breather with your partner before bed.

This blog post has given you 5 tips for setting boundaries while working from home.  I hope these tips help you to find time for both business and kids.


If you need any further help with working efficiently and reaching your goals in the most productive way possible, get in touch.


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3 Ways to Measure the Effectiveness of your Marketing


You’ve started your business, you’re active on social media, you have a website all set up and looking pretty but how do you know what is actually working with your marketing? 

When time is limited which it often is for mums in business, it is essential to know the efficient way of marketing your business.  This means not doing ALL the things and focusing on the effective activities that actually increase leads and help to grow your audience.

I will show you 3 ways to measure the effectiveness of your marketing.  Once you are aware of what is working, you can create a rinse and repeat system to continue marketing successfully.  

1. Set Marketing Objectives

Hopefully you are setting monthly or quarterly objectives for your marketing.  If not, then you have nothing to aim for.  Nothing to keep you on track and to measure against so you’ll know where you’ve put your energies has been effective or not.

Have a system for planning your marketing campaigns and then create smaller goals to implement those campaigns.  

Always begin with the end in mind.  What does your marketing need to achieve for your business?  Do you want to increase your followers, add subscribers to your list, sell a certain amount of product, attract people to an event you’re holding?

Be very clear on your objectives so you can plan your activities and in turn measure their success.

2. Measure the Effectiveness


Once you have set your objectives, you need to know how you will measure their success.

Some areas to keep track of are:

  • Lead generation
  • Conversions
  • Audience Growth
  • Traffic – new vs returning, origin, page views, bounce rate
  • Engagement & reach
  • Email opens

It’s a good idea to set up a recurring task in your task manager to check your activity.  This can be done monthly or after each campaign.


3. Use your analytics and insights


Regularly checking your data will give you an insight into what is working and what isn’t.  This is valuable real-time data that is one of the huge benefits of digital marketing.

Look at the insights on your social media platforms to see which posts or stories have done well.  The successful ones are what resonates with your audience.  These are the posts to do more of.

Also check the information relating to your audience demographics.  If you are very clear on who your main audience is, you can ensure your product and messaging is relevant to them.

Google Analytics will help with many key insights to help you understand what is has been effective with your marketing.  Ensure analytics is installed on your website.  I use the WordPress plug-in MonsterInsights because it clearly explains the key metrics whereas Google Analytics can be a little complicated if you are not familiar with it.

This blog post has given you 3 ways to measure your marketing performance.   I aim to help business mums marketing their business the efficient way.  When you know what works, you’ll waste less time on activities that are not going to get you achieving your goals.

Trying new things is a good idea but measure the outcomes effectively to see if the marketing activity is worth repeating.  Check your return on investment and whether it achieved the set outcomes.


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6 Solutions for the ‘Lack of Time’ Problem when Marketing Your Business


Are you a mum and a business owner with heaps of spare time?


Of course you’re not!!  Who has spare time? But the thing is; if you are busy running or building a business you are going to need to find time for some marketing.


If there are no sales, then there is no business.  

I get it.  You started your business because you wanted some flexibility to be there for your children, to be able to pick your own work hours and carve your own schedule.


But at the end of the day, you need to make this business idea work and that involves marketing to your prospects so you can make sales.


Here are 6 solutions so you’ll know how to find time for marketing.

1. Your Mindset 

The simplest way to create more time for marketing is to stop the endless inner voice telling you that you have no time.  Take back control of what goes on in your head and be careful what you are telling yourself.  Turn that voice into positively talking about time.  If you focus your energy on what you want, guess what happens?  Yep that’s right, you get more of what you want.


Stop doing yourself a disservice and tell yourself you have plenty of time.

You may also be self sabotaging your time by holding on to old limiting beliefs such as ‘I can’t do this’, ‘I’m not qualified enough’ or ‘no one’s going to listen to what i have to say’.


These beliefs are just that – beliefs.  They will suck your productivity and keep you stuck.  Have a plan, take action, grow your confidence by doing and go get the thing you want.

2. Change Your Relationship with Time

Commit to using the time that you do have effectively.  Work hours are limited for busy business mums so discipline to use the hours you have is essential.  Try to stay in the present, don’t panic about time going too fast, watch the way you speak about time and stop multitasking. 


3. Get Your Business Foundations Right

Have you ever thought about all the tasks you do in your business on a regular basis? By creating systems for repetitive tasks you can be more consistent, save time and allow more time to dedicate to business growth. Organise your week by blocking time for certain activities.  Batch your content creation and scheduling.  The more you can do with a rinse and repeat system, the more productive you will be and the more likely you’ll be to do your marketing.


4. Outsource

Many marketing tasks can be outsourced.  If you are really struggling for time to market your business then look at employing an agency or a VA to help you along.


Also read my post about being self employed.  What I wish I’d known 4 years ago. 

5. Invest in You

Perhaps you procrastinate on certain marketing tasks because you do not have the right skill set.  Perhaps you have the skills but your thoughts are telling you that you cannot do what is required.  Sometimes, we need to invest in ourselves to grow more confident.  Once you are confident at doing the tasks at hand, it will take less time and you’ll be more likely to do it again.  


That’s the thing with marketing; consistency is key.  You’ve got to keep showing up to build an engaged audience.  You can purchase an online course, join a membership community or do some in person training to learn more.


6. User Generated Content

One of the quickest ways to market your business is to use content generated by your existing customers.  How easy is it to share a testimonial, a review or an IG post using your hashtag?  Plus it validates you as an expert in your field or as the go to for your product type.  


I’ll leave you with this……in the next couple of days I want you to ask your audience for a review and if you’re an Instagram user, create a hashtag for your business and ask your audience to use it. 


Do you now know how to find time for marketing?  Please leave me a comment if there is anything else you need to know about productivity, mindset or marketing.  Or check ways that we can connect below.



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