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5 Ways to Get Over a Slump

It’s been one of those weeks! My children have needed me to ferry them around to different things during the day as well as it being a week of meetings. This means I’ve been in and out of the office. Once I do finally get back to my desk, I’ve struggled to focus –...

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5 Apps for Awesome Social Media

Here are the top 5 apps that I use on a daily basis to consistantly create social media content.  WORDSWAG This is one of the easiest apps to use to add beautiful text to your photos. You can use your own images, their free options or a choice of free stock...

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Should I Be Using Facebook and Instagram?

I deliver a one on one ‘Getting Started Online’ workshop to female business owners and one of the most frequently asked questions is “Should I be using both Facebook and Instagram?”.  The easy answer to this question is “It depends where your audience is hanging...

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7 Ways to Take Action in your Business

Are you starting a business?  That's awesome!  How's it all going?  If you're struggling with making progress then you may have a problem with taking action.  Keep reading to find out the 7 ways I take action in my business.What is holding you back? It is quite normal...

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My Top 10 Working Mum Hacks

We all know life is busy.  We are all chasing our tails, trying to keep all the plates in the air and doing all the things.  Yes, life is super busy and when you’re running a business from home as well as running a family, then you need a few gems to help you...

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Content Workflow

How to Generate up to 11 Types of Content from One Blog PostWhat do I mean by Content Workflow?  A set of tasks to be completed after each blog post has been created.  The tasks become your content to be shared with your followers. Once you’ve read this article, you...

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Is Your Business Ready for Christmas

Get Your Business Ready for Christmas We’re already into November and with Christmas in just 7 weeks’ time; this blog should help you ensure your business is organised. If you haven’t got these things in place, start today! Firstly, make sure you have good systems in...

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Is Your Business Rewarding Loyalty?

5 Ways to Reward Loyal Customers Do you have a system for rewarding your most loyal customers? I’ll go through a few simple ways below but the first thing to mention is you really need an email marketing platform so you can automate and personalise your system. Number...

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What is Content

Let’s face it, having several social media platforms and a website that all require content can be a little bit daunting and time consuming.  But, it is possible to plan your content and with a little thought about different types of content, it is totally manageable....

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