Hey Business Mum

Hang out here and you will learn to thrive.


The juggle is real but by focusing on productivity, marketing & mindset and you will smash it!

Learn to raise your business baby with the same committment you use to raise your kids.

Who do you need to be to create the business and life that you dream of?

It’s time to transform into business brilliance the same way you transformed into a mummy after kids.



Having my own business has brought me great joy as well as some frustrations.  On the whole, being self employed is a wonderful journey.  It's not always the easiest journey, especially as a mum to 3 kids but I wouldn't change it.Here are my 7 top reasons why I love...

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How to be an Organised Mum and Business Owner

Being a working mum running your own business is not an easy task but it can be a worthwhile one if you do it right.   It’s important to understand that none of us get it right all the time.  There will definitely be good days and bad days.  Times where work is...

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How to Simplify Your Content Strategy

Most business owners have several social media platforms as well as a website that require content and in all honesty; it can be very time consuming.  This blog will highlight how to simplify your content strategy because for many women in business working from home,...

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How to Overcome Feeling Stuck

We all get stuck sometimes and that's ok.  As business owners and mums we often have a lot going and get bogged down in tasks that are not helping our business thrive. The trick is to know how to overcome feeling stuck.Firstly, it's good to work out why you are...

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7 Tips & Tools For Doing Business Online

Many of us are finding ourselves working from home due to social isolation.  It may also be a time of pivoting in your business to offer your services online.  This post will offer suggestions of tips and tools for doing business online.   As the COVID-19 virus...

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21 Tips for Working From Home Productively

These are strange times we find ourselves in.  This is like nothing we’ve seen before and therefore many of us are feeling anxious and ill equipped to cope with everything that is happening and changing so quickly.   I must admit, this last week, I have struggled...

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7 Steps to Keeping Your Inbox in Order

Is your inbox overflowing and overwhelming?  Do you need 7 easy to follow steps to keeping your inbox in order? Email is one of those areas in business that is essential but can quickly become out of control and hard to manage.  I’ve met people with thousands of...

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