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    Teaching mum solopreneurs to manage your time for both your business and your family.  After all, the two are so closely intertwined.


    7 Tips & Tools For Doing Business Online

    Many of us are finding ourselves working from home due to social isolation.  It may also be a time of pivoting in your business to offer your services online.  This post will offer suggestions of tips and tools for doing business online.   As the COVID-19 virus...

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    21 Tips for Working From Home Productively

    These are strange times we find ourselves in.  This is like nothing we’ve seen before and therefore many of us are feeling anxious and ill equipped to cope with everything that is happening and changing so quickly.   I must admit, this last week, I have struggled...

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    7 Steps to Keeping Your Inbox in Order

    Is your inbox overflowing and overwhelming?  Email is one of those areas in business that is essential but can quickly become out of control and hard to manage.  I’ve met people with thousands of emails in their inbox, so many in fact that they just give up on...

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    Learn How to Prioritise in 5 Easy Steps

    You know the phrase 'we all have the same amount of hours in a day'? Does that make you feel like a total failure because you're not making the most of the 24 hours we're all given every day? Yeah me too. Well i'm calling BS on the notion that we all have the same...

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    Planning for an Awesome 2020

    Oh my goodness the pressure to be awesome is immense!!  I really do not want to add stress to our already busy lives as working mums.  However, I do know that taking the time to plan and set goals will actually increase your chances of having an 'awesome' 2020.Use my...

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    Your Decade in Review

    As a new decade fast approaches, now is the time to review all that you have achieved and the lessons you have learnt. Taking the time to review the last decade will give you the opportunity to see where you want to be heading into the 2020s.Click on the below image...

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    The Working Mums Survival Guide For December

    How are you coping with December working mummy?  It’s a time when there is more to do, more places to be and what seems like less time to do it. Work can be more busy with deadlines needing to be hit for the Christmas rush or just so you can take a break over the...

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    5 Time Saving Hacks For Your Business

    Hey working mum juggling all the things.  If you’re like me, you’re probably trying to keep many plates spinning. The business plate will keep spinning if you have awesome systems that make the most of your precious time. How much unproductive time do you think you...

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    A Beginners Guide to Creating New Habits

    I’m not going to pretend that creating new habits is easy (change is never easy!) but if you truly want to be more productive and have a successful business, there are certain habits that will serve you well and lots that won’t.   This post is aimed at female business...

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    The Daily Win

    If it’s true that winners are grinners then perhaps by turning ourselves into a winner every single day we can be grinning as well as feeling positive and having a heap of momentum in our business.  The daily win is one way to reward ourselves for all the effort we...

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    7 Ways to Have a Great Start to your Day

    How do you start your day?  Did you know that the way you start your day can greatly impact how the rest of your day goes? Most successful entrepreneurs and business leaders talk about having a strong morning routine.  I spent months thinking I was the exception to...

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    Where Do You Rank on the Productivity Meter?

    It seems everybody these days has been bitten by the busy bug.  Especially if you are a mum with a home based business. I imagine you are not only working but helping with family commitments, taking responsibility for the majority of child and household related...

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    How to Find your Business Tribe

    Do you know how to find your business tribe? The inspirational speaker John Rohn is credited with saying that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.  If this is true then we better be careful who we hang out with, especially if we are...

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    5 Ways to Get Over a Slump

    It’s been one of those weeks! My children have needed me to ferry them around to different things during the day as well as it being a week of meetings. This means I’ve been in and out of the office. Once I do finally get back to my desk, I’ve struggled to focus –...

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