In this post I wanted to talk about visibility and what that actually means – especially when it comes to you and your business.  I’m also sharing 10 practical tactics to help you be more visible. 


When I say ‘practical tactics’, I mean things that you can implement tomorrow that will position you as the go-to in your industry.


But before we go too deep, let’s breakdown what being visible in your business is really all about. 

What does visibility in business event mean?

Visibility in business

Visibility is all about sharing more of yourself. You want your audience to develop trust and confidence in you, right? 


Well they’ll need to get to know you. And the best way to do that? You guessed it – being more visible. Which is really all about being seen. Sharing your story. Showing behind the scenes of your life and business 


It’s about being vulnerable and open about your struggles as a business owner. 


Because your audience wants to know that you’re human, that you’ve had setbacks and that you now have solutions to pass on to them.


By connecting on a deeper, emotional level, you allow your audience to resonate with you. To see themselves in your message and your story. 


And why is that so important?  So your audience knows that you’re the one to work with or buy from. 



Visibility in business

Does the thought of being more visible scare you? Perhaps you don’t like showing your face or you don’t know how to talk on camera. And you know what? That’s ok.


I’m not asking you to create a series of videos for YouTube or go live on Instagram straight away. Until you build your confidence, baby steps are fine. But first – let’s address why the thought of being more visible scares you so much. 


Is it your fear of being judged? Thinking that you’re not good enough? That you’ll fail before you even begin? 


Maybe you find the idea of being pushed outside of your comfort zone unbearable. Or you’re a total perfectionist and you struggle to do anything if you can’t do it exactly right. 


Unless you’re a pure extrovert, the idea of jumping on camera is daunting. That little voice in your head always seems to get louder when the record button is flashing red in your eyes. 


You’re too old to be doing this. 

Why would anyone want to take advice from you? 

You’re a bumbling mess, give it up! 


If that’s you, it’s time to turn off the internal chatter. Because YOU are worth listening to. I mean, why else would you have started your business at all? 


I’m sure you’ve heard of the term ‘imposter syndrome’ once or twice but I want you to know that it’s way more than a buzzword – it’s a crippling condition that holds many people (mostly women) back from achieving their business goals. Don’t be one of them. 


EXCuses, excuses, excuses 

Visibility in business

So maybe imposter syndrome isn’t too much of an issue for you – maybe you’re putting off being more visible because you don’t have enough time. Or the proper equipment. You think your lighting isn’t any good. Or that your house hasn’t got the right aesthetic for Instagram. 


Honestly, you can make these excuses for as long as you want but you really don’t need a fully kitted out production studio to create a few piece to cameras for social media. Or to take a handful of candid selfies after a tough meeting with a client. 


As someone who used to make these excuses time and again, I’ve come to realise that they’re rarely so surface level. 


More often than not, these reasons for not being more visible are triggered by something I’ve already touched on: fear. 


I could write a whole separate post on how to overcome fears (and maybe I will soon)  but I’ve always found the best way is to just push past them. 


So, use your Instagram stories and talk about a topic you know inside out. Contact a business owner you’ve made a connection with in a Facebook group and ask if they want to create a live video with you on a subject that will help both of your followers. 


Confidence comes from doing but that doesn’t mean doing everything at once. The most important thing is to just start. Because once you do, you’ll realise it’s not as scary as you expected. 



Visibility in business


I want you to know that the reason we need to be more visible is greater than the pain of actually doing it. Truly! 


And often making yourself more visible to your audience has actually nothing to do with you anyway. It’s about your product or service and what you can do for your customers. 


And if you’re giving them valuable information, they won’t care if you stumble over your words a few times or if you forgot to wear make up that day. What they’ll care about is how you made them feel. 


And If you get that right, they’ll keep turning to you and your business for advice. 


Visibility in business

These tactics are super simple and they’re things you can do every day. I promise they’ll help you to develop relationships, pitch your ideas and get you message out there consistently – so that you become the number one, no brainer choice for your ideal customers. 


Here goes: 


  1. Say YES to opportunities (and figure it out later)


  2. Contribute a guest blog (this is where those relationship building skills come into play – research bloggers with a similar audience to your own and make contact)



  3. Collaborate with another business owner and create a live video for Facebook or Instagram (or both!) together


  4. Speak on a podcast (again, this will come down to relationship building and getting your name in front of the right podcasters)


  5. Contact an organisation to deliver a guest expert session for their employees


  6. Create and deliver a workshop or masterclass



  7. Create a Facebook group and start building an online community around your business


  8. Host a free webinar or masterclass


  9. Networking – join an online membership community or attend events


  10. Take part in a giveaway or create your own

Hopefully you can get cracking with one or two of these tactics tomorrow – seriously, just start networking and getting your name out there! You might not get noticed overnight, but if you keep at it, it will happen. 


Feeling a little unsure? 

Visibility in business

As always, you can check out the podcast I recorded on this topic here.


And if you need more help with your visibility (and overcoming what’s holding you back), I expand on these methods in my thriving business mums’s club. You can join the club today, or you can get in touch with me directly and we can work one-on-one together to help you pitch and appear in front of the right audience. 


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