Hands up who loves a good quote? There are many quotes to live by and they’ve all been shared online countless of times.


You can’t scroll through your Instagram feed without being hit with one or two (or 22) these days, can you? There are quite literally thousands of inspirational and motivational quotes out there and while some might make you want to roll your eyes, others really can help to reframe your mindset. 


In this post I thought I’d share the three quotes that I live – and run my business – by. Sure, it might seem  a little silly but honestly they really do help and I find myself turning to them time and again. 


These words keep me on track. They remind me to take control of my mindset. And they help me to continue pushing forward, even when I’d rather bury myself under the doona. 


So let’s dive in straight in to the three quotes I live by (and yes, run my business by too!). 


quotes to live by

I come back to this one all the time because most of us feel fear in our business every day. The good news? We get to choose whether we let it stop us or not.


Have you ever found yourself procrastinating when you should really be making an important sales call? Or starting a presentation? Maybe creating your marketing plan for the next quarter? 


The thing that’s making you put those tasks off is almost always fear. 


But the thing that is going to get you to where you want to go with your business and actually achieve your goals is that very thing you need to get over.


I always tell my clients that confidence comes from doing (bonus quote!). So quit putting things off and get going. Because once you start, you realise it’s never as scary as you first thought. 


And you know what, it might not be perfect. But that’s ok too we all have to start somewhere. 


Our social media feeds are full of entrepreneurs who are absolutely killing it. And guess what? They had to start from the ground up at one point in time too. So just start. 


There’s another little quote for – just start! If it helps, try asking yourself how you’ll feel if you don’t start. 


Use your fear and put it into the thing that is holding you back, that is stopping you from growing as a person and learning new things and just do it anyway.  Then you can pat yourself on the back and say, ‘yeah, that wasn’t as scary as I thought’.


Trust me, it’s an AMAZING feeling! 



quotes to live by

Gather round and let me tell you about a time when I let fear hold me back. 


Back in 2019 I had the idea to launch a membership to support mums in business and in particular mums with home-based businesses, because that is my lived experience. 


I am a mum with a home-based business that focuses on attracting customers and improving marketing efforts, so that working mums can achieve their goals efficiently. 


I had an awesome idea to start a membership to share my knowledge with other mums in business. But do you know how long it took me to launch it? One whole YEAR. 


Seriously, You should’ve heard my excuses. It was procrastination at its finest. I was really feeling the fear. 


I’d get to the stage where i’d feel organised and ready to go for it. 


I knew what my content was going to be, I had a launch plan. But then I’d think – ‘Oh no. It’s ALL wrong!’. So I’d hit the pause button and go back to square one.  


Then 2020 came along. COVID struck and we were locked inside for hours on end. I lost some clients and gained some time.


And in July 2020 I finally launched the Thriving Business Mums Club. 


It was one of the best things I’ve done for my business to date. I get a real kick out of helping women like me and it’s made me more confident in my own abilities. 



So please – don’t let fear ever hold you back. It’s always going to hang around but as you DO more, your confidence grows and that little voice in your head that tells you you can’t do things, gets quieter.


For me I’ve found it is an ongoing battle to keep the fear at bay and to keep going out there and launching my membership.  Over the last year I‘ve definitely let the fear stop me as I haven’t launched and gone out there publicly about my membership other than to encourage the people I’ve been working one-on-one with to get ongoing accountability and support.


So i’m putting it out there and taking my own advice and digging deep to Feel the Fear and do it anyway and launch several times in 2022. 


I know deep down that I can help mums in business and that my current members love the club.


Ok, onto quote number two.  



quotes to live by

This is one of the absolute golden quote I live by and I come back to it often.  


For me, it has a lot to do with time management and productivity. Namely, how I actually choose to spend time. 


When you’re a mum with limited time, it’s vital to create good habits that serve you rather than hinder you. 


I also know that change can be hard and as humans, we don’t generally embrace it. It’s much easier for us to stay in our comfort zone and not challenge ourselves too much because change brings up those icky feelings.  


But if you avoid it, you cannot expect a different result.  


If you’re wanting to grow your audience, boost sales, create new products, or connect with new customers, the likelihood of you needing to change the way you’ve been doing things is high. 


You need to set new goals. Have a target in mind. Work out the steps you need to follow to achieve what you’re hoping for. 


When I ask my clients what they are actually spending their time on; it can be a confronting question.   


So I ask you.  Are you getting the results you desire?


Are you spending your precious time on activities that are going to help your business and that are revenue generating? If not, it’s probably time to make some changes.


And if you can honestly say that you’re happy with where you’re at with your business, that’s great.  But if not and you’d like a different outcome, it might be time to change how things have always been done, or to learn some new skills and find support to help you get where you want to go. Which means it’s often the thing that has to change first. 


If you’re lacking confidence in your product or service, you’re not going to achieve success


I know changing things is difficult. It can be awkward to go beyond our comfort zones. So once again, I’m going to remind you about Feeling the Fear and Doing It Anyway. And don’t be afraid to ask for help!


quote 3: ‘people have to buy into you before they will buy from you’ 

quotes to live by

I’ve borrowed this quote from Holly MacCue, who is an incredible sales and messaging coach. I recorded a podcast with Holly a while back, which you can check out here too. 


The reason I love this quote so much is  because a) it rings true but b) because it reminds me that marketing is all about relationship building. 


You really must walk in your audience’s shoes. If we don’t have our customer at the centre every single time we create a piece of content or write a piece of copy, we are missing our chance to truly connect. 


If I’m ever struggling with what to say or feeling like things aren’t quite in alignment with my business, I come back to this quote.


It’s so important to remember, especially in a service based business, that our personal brand and how we show up online is really important. 


This idea that people have to buy INTO you before they’ll buy FROM you is sort of the final piece in the puzzle. 


To be seen as the absolute number one, no-brainer choice for my customer, I have to show that I ‘get them’ so that they buy into me as a coach. 


They need to trust me as a person and as a business owner. And it’s the same for you. 


quotes to live by

I’d love to know a few quotes that you live by (or run your business by because there’s some awesome ones out there. 


What are the words that keep you motivated. Help you believe in yourself? Get you going if you’ve had a bit of a stumble? Please share any quotes you live by with me in the comments below. They don’t have to be business related, I promise. But bonus points if they are!


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