There are more than a few marketing tools at a business owner’s disposal. And with all the options out there it can feel, well, overwhelming to say the least. 


Which is why I wanted to share with you the top 10 marketing tools I couldn’t run my business without. 


While I’m pretty sure I use way more than these 10 each day day, these are the ones I depend on the most. 


Some of these tools help me to simplify my systems or automate certain tasks, which leaves me with more time to work on revenue generating activities. 


Others are “essentials’” that I would be, quite simply, lost without.


That being said, I’m quite mindful that everyone has different budgets. So I’m certainly not saying that you need to have all of these tools to run a successful business.


But these are the marketing tools that make my working day much easier. And you know what? Some actually are FREE. So it really just depends on what your requirements are. 


Lastly, I know a lot of people can be a bit fearful of the tech side of things. Integrating services and platforms into websites or email database providers can send a lot of us into a spin.


I am not particularly tech savvy myself, but I’ve been able to work out all of this software without too many stumbles along the way. 


A lot of them offer excellent customer support, video tutorials and brand reps you can reach out to if anything falls apart. 


So let’s dig in and get going on the 10 marketing tools I couldn’t run my business without. 

top 10 marketing tools

top 10 marketing tools


  1. Email database


The first tool is my email database.  I use ConvertKit but there are plenty of options out there. Active Campaign, MailerLite and Kajabi are just a few. 


An email database can also be referred to as a Customer Relationship Management tool or CRM for short.  This is because it allows you to set up automations and emails sequences to nurture and follow up with customers. And this will increase engagement and build trust.


My email database is particularly invaluable because I own the addresses I have collected. Sure growing a large following on social media is great, but you don’t actually own your followers. 


I love social media as much as the next marketer, but you have very little control over it. Algorithms can change at any time. New updates can affect how your content is seen. And your account can be shut down by the powers that be with zero notice. And then what? You’d be left with no follower base. 


I know, I know  – I shouldn’t be putting such a dreaded prediction in print but it’s something all business owners must keep top of mind. 


I actually have an episode on email marketing coming up soon where I will go into greater detail about the ins and outs of building your database. But as a quick teaser, let me say that collecting email addresses should be a HIGH PRIORITY for any business. It’s way more valuable than your social media. 



  1. Website


The second tool that I couldn’t run my business without is my website.


If anyone has ever told you that you don’t need a website, they are either lying or a time traveller from the 20th century. 


In 2021, you need a website. Much like your email database, your website is your very own real estate. It is your virtual shop front and allows you to show off what you do in a concise, dynamic and creative way.  


Plus, you can change it whenever you want! My website is constantly evolving, because I’m trying to improve my messaging and boost the conversion rate.


Unlike Facebook or Instagram where everything is a little scattered (even if it is aesthetically pleasing), your website houses all of your important information. 


Driving traffic to your site is critical for business success and you should always think of it as the final destination in your customer’s journey. 




  1. ManageWP


On the subject of websites, I have this great tool I use to keep it updated and backed up and it’s called ManageWP.


I know it sounds mundane but doing regular site updates is extremely important and keeps it secure. 


I also manage a few websites for clients and their sites get updated here too, so this platform is a no brainer for me.


If you are self hosting and want to keep your website safe and secure, I strongly suggest that you check it out.  



  1. Thrivecart


Another website based tool I love and use regularly is Thrivecart


It allows me to set up mini on-brand landing pages for each of my products and services and take payment in a number of ways.


What’s more, you can fully integrate it with your email database and other platforms. So as soon as someone purchases something, they get added to your list and the automatic email sequences that you’ve set up gets fired off. Bam! 


It is pretty pricey but it is a one-off fee and you get lifetime access. 

For me it is 110% worth the cost. 




  1. Planoly


Planoly is a tool I use to plan and schedule content for Instagram. If you’re sharing social posts, I can’t recommend scheduling enough. Batching content might sound like a chore, but it will save you a lot of time in the long run. 


There’e s free version of Planoly and while has its limitations, it’s a great way to get acquainted with the platform. 


Again, there are lots of other providers like Hootsuite or Later but Planoly is the one the works best for me and my business. 


With Planoly, I’m able to see my Instagram grid before publishing any posts, so I can make sure it all looks they way I want it to. Plus, it can almost double as an image library as it allows me to upload photos I’m not ready to use 





  1. PicMonkey

PicMonkey turns non-graphic designers into graphic designers (sorry all graphic designers out there). 


While, I’m pretty sure most of the world is using Canva for their designs, PicMonkey is the tool I turn to time and again. 


I honestly could not run my business without this tool. I’m no natural artist, but with templates to follow and handy tips to create beautiful designs, sometimes I feel like I missed my calling. 


I use PicMonkey to create social media posts, lead magnets and infographics. But it’s also great for flyers, presentations and other marketing collateral. 


But I have a bit of a caveat. If you’re building a brand from scratch – ie you need a logo, fonts and colour palette – invest in a professional graphic designer. Once you’ve got the visual identify in play, then turn to PicMonkey. 




  1. Google


Ah Google. I couldn’t create a top 10 list of marketing tools without including this superpower. 


I’m sure I don’t need to give you a rundown on what Google is or why I even use it, but it’s so much more than a search engine! 


For one, I use Google calendar and Gmail every day, And as most of my work is web based, I use Google Drive to access my files from anywhere. I can also share documents and spreadsheets with my clients and collaborators. 


There’s also Google Keep, a note taking app which I have on my phone and find incredibly handy. 


And of course Google My Business. If you haven’t set up this free listing, you really, really must. Seriously, bookmark this page and go do it now! 




  1. Acuity


Acuity is my tool of choice for appointment bookings.


I love being able to send a link to a client or a podcast guest and letting them choose a mutually suitable time. It saves so much going back and forth by email.


This calendar is connected to my Google Calendar, which means it automatically blocks out my time. It is also linked to my email database, so when someone books in a discovery chat, they get asked if they want to be added to my email list.


I can’t stress enough how much time organising and scheduling appointments this software saves me! 



  1. Membervault


Membervault  is my platform of choice for my membership. 


My membership includes an online course which is hosted here, and I upload coaching videos and the monthly content calendar on Membervault, too.


It also holds mini digital products that I sell and my free resources.


It’s super user friendly, provides good customer support and they have a free option, which is great for when you’re just starting out. 


Like most similar platforms, it integrates with your email provider and with Stripe for payment.


If you’re needing a portal to host information for something like a membership or an online course, I highly recommend it.



  1. Movavi

The final tool I could not be without is a video editing software called Movavi.


I use it several times a week to edit coaching calls, Zoom meetings and podcast episodes. I also use their screen recorder to record my podcast episodes.


It’s simple to operate and the customer service team are excellent. 

I have no complaints! 



top 10 marketing tools

So tell me, how many on my list are on yours too? I’d love to know! Do you think there’s room for me to improve my systems and automatons? Please, tell me your secrets! 


And if anything I’ve mentioned has totally freaked you out, don’t be shy. Let me know so I can help you out. 


Finally, if you run through these tools again, you can listen to the podcast here. 




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