finish 2020 on a high

This year has thrown us all a few curve balls.  But it has also thrown up some surprises.  It has taught us to slow down, take stock of what is important, to learn new technologies, to get out of our comfort zones as well as many other things.  

Now the year is drawing to a close, it’s time to think about the new year ahead.  Here are 10 things to do to round out 2020 on a high and start 2021 as a new chapter where anything is possible.

1. Review The Year – what worked


Go back and look at what you have achieved this year and congratulate yourself.  Give credit where credit is due.  You have achieved great things and need to remember how amazing that is.

2. Review the Year – what didn’t work


There were probably a few things that didn;t work out so well but that’s ok because each task we do is a chance to learn whether it’s a failure or a success.  Spend some time looking at how things could have been done better and what you have learned.



3. Plan Ahead for 2021


What do you want to accomplish next year?  Write down some goals, break those goals down into baby steps and create your plan for the first 3 months of 2021.  Your momentum will be higher if you have a plan to work towards.

4. Reassess


This is a good time to see if your business has taken a slightly different course and whether you need to update your mission, think about if your target audience is still the same, redo your ideal customer avatar, check the messaging on your website, your bio on Instagram and your other social platforms.  Be 100% sure that you are solving the pain points of the right people and life will be so much easier in 2021.

5. Recommit


As a business owner it is essential you are fully committed to serving your audience and consistently showing up with value for your audience.  Have a word with yourself and set your intentions as far as your commitment to your business goes.

6. Improvements


Think about how things can be done better in your business next year.  What systems can be implemented to ease your workload.  What automations could you create to help with workflow.  Is it time to offload some of your workload to a VA or another professional i.e bookkeeper, social media account manager, web designer.

7. What held you back?


Where has your mindset got in the way of your success?  What limiting beliefs and blocks are you holding onto that are stopping you from achieving all that you know you can.  Is fear playing a part in holding you back?  These are big questions that are not easily answered.  Perhaps start a journal in 2021 to write down exactly how you feel, show gratitude and learn to understand your patterns of behaviour.  Meditation is also a good practice to do daily.

8. Schedule content


As the end of the year draws near, it will help you enjoy the Christmas and new year celebrations to have content scheduled so you are not worrying about having to ‘show’ up on socials every day.  This is also good practice for 2021 to know you can plan your content ahead and schedule as much as possible.

This blog post has given you 8 things to do to finish 2020 on a high.  Go take action and make 2021 your best yet!


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