Do you set boundaries or even know that you should?  One of the biggest problems I hear from mums in business is they do not know how to switch off.  Do you find yourself on your computer more than you are with your kids?

How often does your work creep into your family life?

The thing is, there will always be more to do for your business, just as there is always more to do around the house.

Our kids need our attention as much, if not more than our businesses.  If your end goal is to have a successful  business as well as a happy family life with free time to spend with your kids, then you are going to need to think about how to establish boundaries.

This post will give you 5 tips for setting boundaries when working from home.  It’s not always easy to find work life balance when you work from home but with some boundaries in place, it is possible to aim for some balance.

1. Live with Integrity


Set your working hours and stick to them.  In fact, whenever you set boundaries, the only way they work is if you adhere to them.  They are easy to break but if you do you are breaking a promise with yourself and your kids.  If you have integrity and manage yourself well then you will stick to your promises.

2. be productive


To ensure you stick to your work hours you need to be productive in the time you do have to work.  Check in with your habits, where time is being drained away and your mindset.  Make the most of the time you have available for work.


Here are some tips for working productively

  1. Have a great system for task management
  2. Stay organised
  3. Limit distractions
  4. Create an end of day routine to plan for the following day
  5. Batch similar tasks together



3. Create guidelines


It’s ok for you to set boundaries around the way you work.  For example, meetings only take place on certain mornings.  Phone calls go to voicemail to be returned at lunch time and before school pick up.  Emails are checked first thing and last thing only.  Client or project work is always done in the afternoon and the morning is for admin and content.  Think about how you can structure your week and implement those rules.

4. Switch Off


When it is family time have a policy where you switch off from technology completely.  Switch off your computer, turn off all notifications and put your phone in another room when it is time to be with the kids.

5. working late


Many mums in business will do a bit more work once the kids are in bed.  I know I do!  But not every night of the week.  The key here is to set a boundary so you stop work and make time for a cuppa and a breather with your partner before bed.

This blog post has given you 5 tips for setting boundaries while working from home.  I hope these tips help you to find time for both business and kids.


If you need any further help with working efficiently and reaching your goals in the most productive way possible, get in touch.


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