Are you a mum and a business owner with heaps of spare time?


Of course you’re not!!  Who has spare time? But the thing is; if you are busy running or building a business you are going to need to find time for some marketing.


If there are no sales, then there is no business.  

I get it.  You started your business because you wanted some flexibility to be there for your children, to be able to pick your own work hours and carve your own schedule.


But at the end of the day, you need to make this business idea work and that involves marketing to your prospects so you can make sales.


Here are 6 solutions so you’ll know how to find time for marketing.

1. Your Mindset 

The simplest way to create more time for marketing is to stop the endless inner voice telling you that you have no time.  Take back control of what goes on in your head and be careful what you are telling yourself.  Turn that voice into positively talking about time.  If you focus your energy on what you want, guess what happens?  Yep that’s right, you get more of what you want.


Stop doing yourself a disservice and tell yourself you have plenty of time.

You may also be self sabotaging your time by holding on to old limiting beliefs such as ‘I can’t do this’, ‘I’m not qualified enough’ or ‘no one’s going to listen to what i have to say’.


These beliefs are just that – beliefs.  They will suck your productivity and keep you stuck.  Have a plan, take action, grow your confidence by doing and go get the thing you want.

2. Change Your Relationship with Time

Commit to using the time that you do have effectively.  Work hours are limited for busy business mums so discipline to use the hours you have is essential.  Try to stay in the present, don’t panic about time going too fast, watch the way you speak about time and stop multitasking. 


3. Get Your Business Foundations Right

Have you ever thought about all the tasks you do in your business on a regular basis? By creating systems for repetitive tasks you can be more consistent, save time and allow more time to dedicate to business growth. Organise your week by blocking time for certain activities.  Batch your content creation and scheduling.  The more you can do with a rinse and repeat system, the more productive you will be and the more likely you’ll be to do your marketing.


4. Outsource

Many marketing tasks can be outsourced.  If you are really struggling for time to market your business then look at employing an agency or a VA to help you along.


Also read my post about being self employed.  What I wish I’d known 4 years ago. 

5. Invest in You

Perhaps you procrastinate on certain marketing tasks because you do not have the right skill set.  Perhaps you have the skills but your thoughts are telling you that you cannot do what is required.  Sometimes, we need to invest in ourselves to grow more confident.  Once you are confident at doing the tasks at hand, it will take less time and you’ll be more likely to do it again.  


That’s the thing with marketing; consistency is key.  You’ve got to keep showing up to build an engaged audience.  You can purchase an online course, join a membership community or do some in person training to learn more.


6. User Generated Content

One of the quickest ways to market your business is to use content generated by your existing customers.  How easy is it to share a testimonial, a review or an IG post using your hashtag?  Plus it validates you as an expert in your field or as the go to for your product type.  


I’ll leave you with this……in the next couple of days I want you to ask your audience for a review and if you’re an Instagram user, create a hashtag for your business and ask your audience to use it. 


Do you now know how to find time for marketing?  Please leave me a comment if there is anything else you need to know about productivity, mindset or marketing.  Or check ways that we can connect below.



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