Does this sound familiar?  You work during school hours which means you have roughly 5 or 6 hours to work per day.  You’re busy during those hours and although you work from home where there is a kitchen available, you often opt for an unhealthy lunch out of convenience and because it’s quick.

This was me.  I found I was either not eating lunch at all or opting for a quick snack of toast rather than something nutrient dense to nourish my body.

Being a productivity and mindset coach, I’m all about efficiency and looking after the mind

To this end, I decided it was time to come up with some simple make ahead lunch ideas for mumpreneurs like me.  This ensures I look after my energy levels, keep my productivity high and feed my mind.


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I am not one of those mums that uses my Sunday for meal prepping for the week ahead.  My weekends are too important for that.  Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a great idea to do the cooking for the week on Sunday, I just know that it’s not for me.

I prefer to cook up a batch of something once in a while, or while I’m preparing a family meal and freeze them. Or I prepare my lunch at breakfast time as if I worked in an office away from home and needed to take lunch.

Here are some simple make ahead lunch ideas

make ahead and freeze lunch ideas

Make Ahead Lunches to Freeze





Any leftovers from dinner

For more ideas of make ahead meals click here

Make Ahead Lunch Bowls

If you like a healthy salad or lunch bowl you can prepare the majority of it the night before or at breakfast time.  Here is a great site to get lunch bowl ideas.

Eat the Same as Your Kids

Do you prepare a packed lunch for your kids to take to school or daycare?  If you do this the night before or in the morning; make an extra one for you that you leave in the fridge.



This isn’t exactly make ahead, but it is quick.  Some days a smoothie is just what the doctor ordered.  As long as it is jam packed with goodness then it is healthy and filling.  My go to ingredients for a delicious smoothie are cacao, berries, spinach, avocado, banana, chia seed, almond milk or almonds/cashews and water.  Sometimes I might even add some broccoli! 


Eating a well balanced diet is one of the ways entrepreneurs can stay on track towards success.  I hope this helps you eat a better lunch despite being a busy mumpreneur.

I’d love to know what your go to lucnh options are.  Feel free to leave me a comment.


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