Have you ever felt like you were completely out of your depth?  Like everyone in the room has their sh*t together except you?  Perhaps you feel like a fraud?  Or like you don’t deserve your success?


This is very common and is known as Imposter Syndrome.  But could imposter syndrome be affecting your productivity?

The short answer is yes.  These feelings tend to make people freeze and therefore stop making progress.  If this happens to you, you are not alone; it plagues many successful people.

For business mums, productivity is absolutely key to achieving our goals.  Our time is already stretched in many ways, that when the opportunity arises to work, it’s important to grab it with both hands and smash that to do list!  Letting imposter syndrome get in the way will stifle your productivity and therefore limit your success.

Here are some suggestions that may help with these feelings:

1. Do it anyway!

It’s likely that almost all successful people experience imposter syndrome, the difference is how successful people respond.

2. don’t freeze

Try sitting with the feeling.  Acknowledge that it feels like you may be out of your depth but keep going.

3. Turn it into a learning experience. 

Many people think that asking for advice is a sign of weakness or that by asking for help you are validating the imposter feelings.  In fact, it is the opposite.  By accepting the feelings you acknowledge that it is time to learn something new and therefore develop as a person.

4. Catch your inner thoughts

Spot how you talk to yourself when self doubt creeps in and turn those thoughts into positives.  Remember positive feedback you have been given in the past. 

5. No need to conquer

Just be aware that imposter syndrome is there as it is for many people.  Don’t feel like you need to conquer it but simply move through it and don’t let it control your actions.

This message was highlighted in a Ted X talk given by Mike Cannon-Brookes.  I highly recommend taking a listen.  You can watch his talk here.

I hope this helps a little bit when it comes to those feelings of imposter syndrome.  It certainly helped me to understand that these are feelings that most people experience.

I also hope this post cements the idea that we should all acknowledge the thoughts we have and carry on regardless!  Face the fear yet still create magic.




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