21 tips for working from home

These are strange times we find ourselves in.  This is like nothing we’ve seen before and therefore many of us are feeling anxious and ill equipped to cope with everything that is happening and changing so quickly.


I must admit, this last week, I have struggled to find my mojo.  My motivation flew out the door and I couldn’t muster any enthusiasm to focus on work because it all seemed so pointless.


But then I shifted focus to what I CAN control and to how I could be helping others through these unprecedented times.

I’ve pulled my socks up and put my big girl pants on!  I’ve started to shift my mindset to work out how I can deliver helpful content to other mums who may now find themselves in strange situations; like working from home.


I have been working from home for 4 years.  The following tips are the things that I have found are key to keeping a strong focus.  

The thing I don’t have experience in is home schooling whilst trying to simultaneously run a business from home.  Thankfully that is not my situation (yet) but I know many of you are trying to do both. (note – home schooling my 3 kids and working quickly became my situation!)

Please don’t put too much pressure on yourself to do it all.  Take care of yourself and your anxiety levels because your family needs you at this time.  If just one of the below tips can help you with working from home, then that’s a win.


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1. Systems, systems, systems. (see also point 3).  Think about creating systems around work, chores, lunch prep, planning homeschooling.  If you have set times for certain tasks and you work on one thing at a time you’ll be more productive.

2. Always get dressed.  Keep getting up at the same time every day and dress to face the day ahead.

3. Batch your work.  Structure your week so for example Monday is content creation day, Tuesday is admin and accounts day, Wednesday is client calls day etc…. Create a structure that works for you.

4. Limit Distractions.  If you find yourself scrolling social media instead of working then put your phone in another room and only check it when you have a break.

5. Keep a tidy desk so that your mind is clear.

6. Take regular breaks.  Coffee is a necessity to my day.  But a break in the sun or a quick lunchtime dog walk is nice too.

7. Ignore the mess.  Walk right on by the toys all over the floor and go straight to your desk.

8. Set goals and stick to them.  

9. Use the time you have wisely.  Be mindful of where you may be wasting time.

10. Use technology like Zoom or Asana/Trello to keep in touch with colleagues and to collaborate on projects and tasks.

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11. Plan ahead.  A little Sunday night planning goes a long way to having a productive week.

12. Limit checking emails to first thing, lunchtime and last thing.  Shut it down the rest of the time.

13. Exercise your body and your mind.  Fitting in exercise first thing and a meditation practice at some point throughout the day will help you feel great.

14. Block out 2 days per month for doing your accounts.  One day in the middle and one at the end of the month.

15. Do your least favourite tasks first.

16. Limit meetings (online) to one or two days a week.  Meetings can be very distracting so block suitable times in your calendar.

17. Save household jobs for early morning or at night.  Your work time is precious so guard it fiercely.

18. Turn off notifications.  Check your phone and messages when it suits YOU, not the other way around.

19. Try to create a permanent work space.

20. Work out your most productive time of day and use that time wisely.

21. Invest in a good pair of noise cancelling headphones!

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I won’t pretend that this is an easy time and we are all going to smash working from home, especially if the kids are home as well.  But hopefully this list goes a little way to helping manage the coming months.


I’d love to know if you have any other tips to add to the mix.  What has made a huge difference for you when working from home?


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