Never stop learning.  That’s what we’re told but as an adult there can be limited opportunities to learn new things.  If you’re a business owner however, there is ample opportunity and any opportunity that does arise should be grabbed with both hands.

It took me a while to realise this though!  My husband and his business partner spent some time learning and growing with Kerwin Rae which they found very valuable.  While the stories and lessons that came home with them were amazing; I didn’t see them as relevant to me even though I was running my own business working from home.  I now know I wasn’t taking my business and my personal growth very seriously.

My Business Pivot

Then at the beginning of 2019 I decided to pivot with my business and move into the online sphere. I found a real passion in me to want to help other mums in business with their productivity and businesses.  

Once I found the passion, I found the desire to grow and improve. We all know that growth takes effort but it takes a little financial investment too.  

Read on to see the ways in which I invested in myself and my business in 2019.

1. Pinfinite Growth – Melyssa Griffin

I had watched a couple of webinars of Melyssa’s and decided if I was going to have an online business then Pinterest would be a necessary part of my marketing strategy to drive traffic to my website.  I purchased her course Pinfinite Growth and have found the lessons very valuable. I continue to follow Melyssa online as she talks a lot about mindset and personal growth as well as about the various animals they have rescued and adopted!

2. List Builder’s Society – Amy Porterfield

With an online business, I knew it was essential to start building an email list so I then purchased Amy Porterfield’s course; List Builder’s Society.  This started me on a journey of designing lead magnets and learning ways to attract people onto my list.

3. The Passive Project – Gemma Bonham Carter

Perhaps the most valuable investment for me and my business has been joining the membership group, The Passive Project.  Gemma Bonham Carter is a warm and friendly woman who is rocking the online business world. She describes herself as a Digital Entrepreneur and delivers valuable lessons and content to her members on how to succeed online with digital products.  Having a supportive place to ask all those pressing questions regarding tech, funnels, launches and more is amazing. I have been a member for 7 months now and love the support.

4. Live Your Inspired Life weekend workshop – Inspired Results

I recently spent a weekend delving into my intentions and mindset to live my inspired life.  This weekend gave me clarity of focus, allowed me to learn more about myself and where I want to be in life and led to me choosing to further my studies in hypnotherapy and NLP.

Please enjoy these other useful blog posts for mums in business. 

5. Living My Best Life!

On a personal level I took working on my mindset and my personal growth much more seriously in 2019.  I realised that to achieve success I needed to commit to taking action, have better systems and live an intentional life.

Here is how I am living my best life:

Morning Routine 

– I started getting up at the same time every day and prioritising exercise in the mornings.  For years I told myself I wasn’t a morning person but by finding my magic time of 6.24am, I have proved myself wrong.  It’s all in changing the story that no longer serves you well and taking action.

Self Care

– I have prioritised self care by having a system of daily meditation, doing yoga or a workout in the mornings and by being better at asking for help when I need it around the house.


– this is an ongoing process but i’ve been working on manifesting, abundance and belief in myself.  For me, this looks like writing down 3 things i’m grateful for daily, setting my intentions and manifestations in a journal, reading my positive affirmations every day when i sit down at my desk and making sure my negative self talk is kept in check.


Of course, I am not perfect and sometimes things slide but with the right mindset, I can bring myself back to my systems and daily rituals.  In the past, I would have thought myself a failure and all but given up.

I hope you have seem some value in reading about the 5 Ways I Invested in Myself and in my Business in 2019.  I’d be interested to hear how you invest in yourself so feel free to leave me a comment below.

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