5 tips for stress free school holidays

School holidays.  Let’s face it, for mums in business, they are hard.  We don’t need to shy away from the fact that it can be a tricky time but what we need to do is find strategies to make school holidays and business work better together.  These 5 tips for staying productive in the school holidays may go a little way to helping you manage the juggle without the guilt.

It is of course great to have the kids home, to spend quality time together, to be free of the routine that controls our lives for 40 weeks of the year, to stay in pyjamas all day if we choose and to enjoy the mornings not turning into shouting matches.

But how do we get our work done when the kids are in the house? The kids want our attention but we know there are deadlines to meet.  We want to enjoy being with our kids but it can be hard when work is often on our mind.

When help from relatives is limited and child care is non existent (this is me!) it can be stressful trying to continue running a business with kids at home 24/7.

To help overcome the stress of combining kids at home and running a business; here are my 5 tips for staying productive in the holidays.

1. GET UP!

It’s easy to slip into old habits during the holidays but getting up early allows you to find extra time in the day.  Whether that time is to get some work done, do a couple of household chores or to find some ‘me time’ for exercise, mediation or journalling.  The morning is precious time that can be used in a really productive way. Admittedly, I do set the alarm an hour later than when school is on!  We all need a bit of a break from the norm don’t we?!!


I find having a system is the only way to ensure I remain relaxed about getting my work done.  If I have created set times when i know i will get my work done, I can relax when I am with the kids because I’m not stressing about work.

The trick is to create a new system that works for the holidays.  For me, that is working early in the morning and at night. Not necessarily every day but as long as I know I have created that time in my week, I can relax and enjoy my time with the kids.


Use Sunday night to prepare then head into the week with a clear plan in place.  Knowing what to work on and when to do it removes the stress of having work on your mind.  Trying to squeeze work in amongst all the other activities and demands from the kids is a recipe for failure. 


The long summer school holiday is perhaps not the time to go for that major rebrand or to launch a new product.  It is however a great time to plan for those things. Work out what the bare minimum looks like for your business and stick to that.  Keeping up with social media, emails and a few other necessary tasks will keep your business ticking over but relieve some stress during this busy time.

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When you do get the chance to work it is important to remove all other distractions so you can be your most productive.  Leave your phone in another room, put the tv on for the kids if you have to, stick on your headphones and do what you need to do in the most efficient time you can.  

Do you have more than 5 tips for staying productive in the school holidays?  Let me know what else you would add to this list to help with managing business and kids?


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