Oh my goodness the pressure to be awesome is immense!!  I really do not want to add stress to our already busy lives as working mums.  However, I do know that taking the time to plan and set goals will actually increase your chances of having an ‘awesome’ 2020.

Use my Planning for 2020 template to set up your year.  This is a simplified system for goals setting but who’s got time to wade through a big long winded document.  What it will do is clarify in your mind where you want your business to go, what to start on first and help to make you accountable.

So if being organised as you head into Q1  sounds like a good plan, hit the below link and get planning!!

Feel free to email me your completed document.  I’d love to see what you have planned.

Have you reviewed your previous decade to help you with knowing where to go as we head into 2020?  If not, then feel free to use the below template.

Hopefully the below articles will also be helpful for you and your business.


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