If it’s true that winners are grinners then perhaps by turning ourselves into a winner every single day we can be grinning as well as feeling positive and having a heap of momentum in our business.  The daily win is one way to reward ourselves for all the effort we are putting in. A virtual pat on the back. Or a tick box of warm of fuzzies.

By celebrating a daily win, we are allowing ourselves to sit back and say congratulations on all that we have achieved.  Even if its something as simple as sending an email or getting a meal in the slow cooker before you sit down to work.

Having more than one daily win is fine too.  In fact, I try to celebrate 3 things that I’ve achieved in one day.  I keep it simple, the wins need to be achievable, otherwise it will have the opposite effect and I’ll feel like a failure for not making it.

Why is the daily win important? 

Being a home-based business owner and mum can mean we are working alone with no one to share our wins with or bounce ideas off.  We often have a to-do list as long as our leg because it’s not just business that needs taking care of. By celebrating the daily win, we are saying Yes to the Dress, or rather a big fat Yes to getting stuff done.

Celebrating the wins helps to keep a positive mindset, it brings a sense of achievement and ultimately it helps overall productivity.

Here’s a short guide to how The Daily Win can work for you.

1. Set Intentions

Personally I use a notebook and write down 3 things i’m grateful for every morning.  Coming from a place of gratitude will ensure a much more positive mindset. I then write down an intention for the day and why this intention is going to be good for me and my business. 

2. Set Tasks

To have a win, you first need to lay out your tasks.  I’m a keen user of Asana for my to-do lists. It allows me to list everything that needs to be done and has the all important tick box to show completion. 


3. Review

This is the part of the daily win that shouldn’t be missed. To give yourself the all important pat on the back, it’s necessary to review what has been achieved.  As a mum working in school hours, my days are jam packed with work so I prefer to do a little review once the kids are in bed. I take the time to see what has been completed, what still needs to be finished and what the intention and tasks will be for the following day.


4. Communicate The Wins

If a review doesn’t seem like enough of a celebration of your wins then look for an accountability partner or some way to communicate your wins out loud.  High fiving your hubbie is one way. Or find another female business owner who is also looking for a way to celebrate wins. We are social beings so its natural for us to want to shout about our achievements.


5. Reward

Do something that brings you pleasure and helps you to stay motivated for the next win.  This helps to program yourself to reach more goals. This can be as simple as sitting in the sun for 10 minutes at the end of a task or having a block of chocolate.

If you could use a little help with motivation and being productive, perhaps you could implement a system of celebrating a daily win into your work day.  Let me know how you go and what your system is, it’s always good to learn new ways of doing things.


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