“Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax.” Mark Black.

This quote is so true. How can you see the wood from the trees if your mind is racing and you have a million ideas blowing around the forrest in your mind?

As working mums our heads are busy with kids activities, meal plans, household chores as well as a business to run. It can be hard to focus. This article will provide 5 ways to calm your mind so you can be more productive.

1. Mindfulness

Just breathe.  Try to include some mindfulness meditation into your day.  I find it works best just before I sit down at my desk. The kids are at school, I’ve checked social media while i’m making a cup of tea and before I sit at my desk I play a guided 10 minute meditation from an app on my phone.  By focussing on the breath and letting the mind be still, I am calming myself for the day ahead.

2. Plan & Prioritise

If you plan your day and your week ahead, you can focus on what needs to be done right now instead of worrying about ‘All The Things’. Do you use a digital task manager or pen and paper? Whatever works for you, get the ideas and tasks out of your head so you can plan what needs to be done first, then work through them in the order of priority.

3. Stay in the Present

Following on from the above post, if you stay focused on the here and now, then your mind will not be cluttered with all the tasks that may not be a priority today.  Simply focus on the task at hand, complete that and only then move on the next. Remember to enjoy the satisfaction of ticking your finished task off your list!

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4. Catch Negative Thoughts

Do you find you say things to yourself like ‘I don’t have enough time’, ‘there’s too much to do’, I’m too busy’?  These thoughts will be affecting how productive you can be. Try to catch the negative thoughts and switch them into positives.  If you are telling yourself that there is enough time to get everything done, your mind will be calmer and you’ll find you are much more productive.

5. Go For A Walk

Being in nature is a sure fire way to feel calmer and increasing your heart rate has a de-stressing effect on the mind. Sometimes we get stuck in analysis paralysis and overthinking things is not going to allow us to move ahead. Break the cycle by going for a quick walk outside or in the garden to get the blood flowing again. You could even listen to a calming meditation while you walk. I can guarantee you’ll get back at your desk feeling calmer and therefore being more productive.

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I hope some of these ideas have helped you to learn some ways to calm your mind so you can be more productive.  Let me know if you have any other suggestions for coping with an overactive mind.


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