How’s your business going?   If you’re struggling with making progress then you may have a problem with taking action.  Sometimes we get stuck and that’s ok, it happens from time to time.  But to get unstuck you need to take action.  Keep reading to find out the 7 ways I take action in my business.

What is holding you back?

It is quite normal to feel overwhelmed with starting a new business.  There ‘s all the tech to get into place, the accounts and much much more.   

Perhaps fear is stopping you from getting started?  A fear of failure, a fear of the unknown or even a fear of putting yourself out there.

Do you find yourself spending your days googling ideas, reading blogs and watching free webinars? Are you journalling all your fab ideas but nothing is actually happening in your business to move it forward?

I know the feeling.  This is a very familiar story.

Here’s my story around not taking action?

When I started out I had huge imposter syndrome. I thought, if only I knew more I would feel more comfortable about offering my marketing services.

I spent my days doing all the things above – reading heaps of blogs, trying to upskill, believing my story of inadequacy. 

It wasn’t long before the penny dropped and I realised I needed to actually put myself out there and look for clients.  Let’s face it, without clients there is no service based business 😆


the 7 ways to take action in your business

Here are the 7 ways that I began to take action in my business.  If you can implement a few of these then you’ll be heading towards having a blossoming business in no time:


If you can committ to this then you’ll be achieving.  Even when life is crazy busy, the kids are being mosnters or they are home sick from school; just do ONE thing and you’ll feel like you’re making progress.

start with baby steps & the rest will follow

Overwhelm can be the one thing that stops you from doing anything.  Take little steps every day and you’ll get there!

break down big goals into small tasks

Definitely write down your BIG goals.  You may have 10 major goals that you want to achieve for your business.  But for each 90 day period (1 quarter), choose 3 of those BIG goals and break them down into smaller tasks so you can get them done.

don’t let fear paralyse you

Are you familar with that quote about watching someone who knows less than you earn more than you just because they had the guts to go for it?  I love the idea that by plunging in and giving it a go, you are at least giving yourself the chance to achieve great things.

There’s a running theme here of breaking things down into bite sized chunks.  So if fear is stopping you from starting, follow the tips and take baby steps to get your business going.

You might like to read my post about being self employed.  What I wish I’d known 4 years ago. 

dream big but plan small

Your mindset is what is holding you back.  Dream big, believe in your goals, choose you.   Make it happen by avoiding overwhelm and plan small.

have a plan.  even a rough one.

If you have a trajectory to follow, you will feel like you are achieving things.  Write down your plan and take steps to make your business journey happen.

use a note taking app on your phone

Write everything down as soon as it comes to you.  You can even record your voice to get things noted down.  I use Google Keep.  This allows you to get all your ideas out of your head and start to build a list of tasks.  Then pick 1 and begin.


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