In this post I will show you the 5 benefits of using Google Analytics for your business.

The main importance of Google Analytics to business is to understand where your traffic is coming from and to gain an insight into your audience.

But let’s delve a little deeper into this…


1. If you are selling products or services and you are using several platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn with the end goal to send people to your website; then wouldn’t it be valuable to know which of your channels is performing well? Google Analytics benefits your business by providing you with details of where your traffic is coming from.



2. You will also be spending time in your business creating content for your various platforms. Your content strategy should include a selection of ways you get your message across to your target audience.  For example, photos, graphics, educational and informational posts, videos etc.  It would be of great benefit to your business to know which content performs the best and to find out which type of content is leading your ideal clients to your site.



3. Where are your customers going once they get to your site? And how long are they spending there?  Again, this is valuable information because it tells you which pages on your site are working well.  The analytics can also tell you the journey that customers follow once they get to your site.  It’s useful to know that your site is easy to explore with Call To Actions in the right places.



4. How well are your pages or landing pages performing? Google Analytics provides you with a Bounce Rate. This is the percentage of people that visit a single page and take no action.  For example, if someone went to your landing page and didn’t click on any buttons then that would add to your bounce rate.  This tells you if your pages are performing well and gives you a reason to change things up.



5. The final benefit of Google Analytics to your business is detailed demographic information about your ideal audience. You may think you know who your audience is here you can get the real information.  You will learn the age, gender, geographic location of our audience.  This means you can ensure you are delivering the right type of engaging content that particular audience wants to see.


I hope this article has shown you why Google Analytics is a massice benefit to your business.

Look out for a blog coming soon detailing exactly how you install Google Analytics to your site.