5 Ways to Reward Loyal Customers
Do you have a system for rewarding your most loyal customers?

I’ll go through a few simple ways below but the first thing to mention is you really need an email marketing platform so you can automate and personalise your system.

Number One

Reward loyalty by offering a discount on future purchases. By sending someone who has already purchased another email with a discount for a future purchase, you are increasing your chances of a second sale.  Hopefully their experience with your brand was a good one and you may have found yourself a customer for life.

Number Two

Invite customers to be part of your ‘club’. Make sure you highlight what the benefits are of being part of the club.  For example, first access to any pre-sales of newly released events.  By having a ‘club’ you are effectively creating a members program and a list of warm contacts who want to hear more from you.

Number Three

Reward customers for referrals.  Send your current database a code that they can forward on to friends and family.  Then if that code is used reward your current customer and the new customer with a discount offer.  This is a great way to increase your database.

Number Four

Implement a loyalty program where members gain points for every purchase that can then be redeemed on future purchases.

Number Five

Personalisation.  This subject requires a whole blog post to itself (which I will do next time).  For now, lets just say the more you can tailor make your customers’ experience with you online the better.  Have your customers given you their interest preferences when they signed up? Do you have information about their previous purchase?  Or an upcoming trip they have booked with you?  By segmenting your loyal list you can personalise the information they receive from you and make them feel extra special.

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