Consumers are faced with so many choices when it comes to spending their spare cash, particularly in the hospitality and tourism sector which undoubtedly is the first place people stop spending when times get tough.

So you need to stand out right? Make sure you have defined what your brand is and tell your story across your social channels so you can appeal to people’s emotions?

People want to connect with you. After all that’s what ‘social’ media is all about. However, how often do we feel disconnected? So by telling your story you are trying to establish a relationship or a connection with your audience.

How do you do this?
– have great images
– share stories about the people that work in the business
– use live video or create stories of what’s happening around the business so your customers feel they get to know you.
– think about every department in your business and all the things that happen day to day. Then create content relevant to your followers and your brand message.
– follow people that have similar messages or an interest in what your business is. Then you can share their stuff to your page to reach a wider audience.