Let’s face it, having several social media platforms and a website that all require content can be a little bit daunting and time consuming.  But, it is possible to plan your content and with a little thought about different types of content, it is totally manageable.

What is Content?

Firstly, let’s just clarify what content is and how it can help your business.  Content is primarily what you produce to add depth to your website, blog and social media platforms.  It allows you to show the world that you know what you’re talking about and it gives people a reason to keep returning to your online vehicles.  Plus you can use the power of social media to drive people to your content and it’s awesome for your SEO.

Why Do You Need To Produce Content?

We are living in a digital world but we still need to be building relationships…….online relationships.   By regularly creating new content you are building your online community and strengthening your brand.

What are the different ways of creating Content?


I can’t emphasise enough the importance of a blog.  Read my last blog post and blogging here.  In short, blogging  shows your audience what you know;  allows you to generate content that you can refer back to therefore driving traffic to your website; it gives you content that you can share on most of your social media platforms and it really helps with your SEO.

Pretty Graphics

There are lots of Apps available now that allow you to generate pretty graphics or add text to an existing photo.  I mostly use WordSwag.  It is a great way to have high impact with little fuss.  It takes 2 minutes to do but looks great on social media. Make sure your brand is reflected throughout everything you post, keep text simple and use the same font.  These types of posts often include inspirational quotes, which are wonderful, just don’t overdo it.


Take photos of everywhere you go and everything you do.  Instagram is the place for stunning images and to tell your daily story but you never know when your photos will come in handy to create graphics or to pop into a blog post.


Many people deem text only content to be boring or almost invisible.  But if what you have to say is relevant there is no harm in posting text only.  Twitter is often used for text only.


Facebook LOVES video.  We don’t all have the confidence to create and post videos let alone use Facebook Live but it does generate traffic so go for it!  You’ve got to start somewhere and once you start and get a bit of practice under your belt, you’ll soon be away!  I should take my own advice!

Share Interesting Articles/Links

One of the easiest ways to create interesting content on your platforms is to share relevant articles that you may have read on other blogs or websites.  Or even share a link to something you’ve read elsewhere online.  This works well on Facebook and LinkedIn.


If you have old content or blog posts that haven’t seen the light of day for a while you can re-post them.  Or re-tweet something you’ve seen on Twitter.  As long as it’s relevant to your business and interesting for your audience this is a great way to make generating content simple.

Can You Really Save Time?

It’s a bit of a double edged sword because on the one hand you need to be posting content ALL the time to grow an organic online community and on the other hand you need to save yourself time.  How do those go together?  Well you really need a Content Calendar.  I suggest you Google it to find a template that works for you or even make up your own.  It allows you on a weekly basis to know exactly what you are going to post and where.  It’s the only way to go if you are using several platforms that all serve different purposes.