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Nicola Depiazzi


I help women in business get out of their own way to build successful businesses by creating an awesome online presence with a solid content marketing strategy.

We’re busy right?  So we want to reach our goals in the most efficient way?  This means we need a plan and a mindset set for success.

If you are being held back by limiting beliefs, have a non existent marketing strategy, are winging it with your content strategy and struggling to be seen and make sales online, then stick around…..

Nicola Depiazzi Marketing

How Can I Help You?

There are 4 ways to work with me.

All options will help your business move forwards.

If you’re looking for group coaching without the one to one price tag, the Thriving Business Mums Club is for you.

If you’re wanting more specialist 1:1 coaching where we deep dive into your strategy, talk to me about my transformative 8 week program.

Work With Me

working from home


Transform into the business owner you know you need to BE.  Up your marketing skills, change your mindset, get organised.  Monthly support and online course.  Worried about the cost of business coaching?  Membership is for you!

planning and organisation for business mums


Been in business a while but not sure if you’ve got your marketing strategy quite right?  For a quick win to get out of a funk, hit me up for a marketing audit.  You’ll get clarity on your audience, message, content and have a plan going forward.

marketing strategy


Do you need to build a content marketing strategy to consistently show up, increase engagement and make more sales?  I work with you to plan your year and your content.  Successful businesses have an effective marketing strategy. 

Is it time to execute yours?

planning and organisation for business mums


transformative 8 week program to ensure your business:

Is sustainable into the future

Has the foundations in place

Has a CEO at the helm with a growth mindset

Has systems and automation

Is in alignment with your purpose and values


Get in touch for a free, no-obligation 20 minute discovery call to chat about any of the above services.

I can’t wait to help you transform the whole you, to help you discover what it takes to truly step into the role of business owner, and to create a content strategy that works for YOUR business to ultimately achieve the success you desire.

Why The Whole You Matters

Tony Robbins says that only 20% of business success is down to skill.  The rest is in your head.  I 100% agree with this!

The hardest challenges to overcome are your old beliefs and patterns of behaviour that no longer serve you.

This is why I focus much of my client work on challenging your self sabotaging thoughts so you can move forward in your business.

You must step into the role of business owner and consistently take action to execute your marketing and content strategy.

If this is a struggle for you or you don’t know why you’re not making sales, get in touch.



What you should REALLY be doing on Social Media

Are you regularly posting away but hearing crickets on social media?

If you are getting little engagement and zero sales from your social efforts, you need this checklist!

Grab this freebie to FIND OUT:

10 ways to optimise your time, build relationships and make more sales on socials

how to convert sales on social media

Hey I’m Nicola

I’m a Work from home marketing consultant and coach.

Being a working mum of 3 young children I’ve worked out a few things over the years that help to make life a little easier.  I’m big on systems!  I want to get to my goals in the most efficient way possible.


I’m passionate about teaching other women in business what I know to be true.


That showing up consistently, taking action, getting over whatever is holding you back and having a plan are the keys to success.


Nicola Depiazzi Productivity and Mindset coach



I set up the THRIVING BUSINESS MUMS CLUB to help mums in business manage their work as well as their family.

I know what it takes and I feel passionate about helping other mums succeed without the one to one coaching pricetag.

By focusing on the 3 key areas of marketing, mindset and productivity – you CAN thrive.

Wouldn’t it be good to up your skills in a supportive membership AND have somewhere to ask all your burning questions?

The Whole Woman Business Podcast with Nicola Depiazzi

The Whole Woman Business Podcast

I’m delighted to let you know that my brand new podcast will be launching soon.

Here’s an Opportunity to Increase Your Online Presence

If you are an established business owner and would like to apply to chat about your particular niche, then hit the link to fill out the form.

I’d love to hear from you…


I love being a part of the Thriving Business Mums Club.  I have loved how all the modules have actionable steps that are relevant to each and every business.  You can really see which step you need to take next.  The coaching calls are almost like a 1 on 1 session which is so beneficial and the social media collaborative planning sessions really help to bring a new sense of content to your marketing.  I would recommend anyone who is unsure of what step they need to take next in their business to join.  It really is fantastic.


Blue Ribbon Gifts

Many thanks Nicola, I have found your support and knowledge invaluable.

As a total newbie to social media, I was worried I would never have content for regular posts and blogs and totally overwhelmed.

However, the tools you shared have been great and have enabled me to have “buckets” full of inspiration and content.

Much appreciated


Your True Potential

I found this system so rewarding when I compelte it thanks to the content buckets. 

Feels so good to have most of my month planned out! 

Thank you Nicola for all your amazing tips and tricks!


Positive Mindset Coaching

Nicola is friendly, encouraging and full of valuable information!

The marketing stratergies and tools Nicola has taught me have helped so much.

I now have a new clarity and direction. Thanks so much


Angela Dawn Awakening

Nicola is amazing! 

I was completely lost regarding facebook marketing until she walked me through the settings to check, dos and don’ts and most importantly what sorts of content I should be posting and when. 

I strongly recommend Nicola to anyone wanting to use FB for business. 


Next Gen Wellness


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