HELPING BUSY WOMEN create successful small businesses with simplified strategy & KICK ASS CONTENT

I’ll help you stop wasting time and effort on marketing that doesn’t bring results.

instead, work with me to create a simplified marketing strategy based on your specific customer’s journey as well as nail your message and content so you attract and grow an engaged audience.

Simplify | Save Time | Reduce Overwhelm.


Sound good?


Nicola Depiazzi Marketing Consultant and Coach

I see you wearing all the hats and doing ALL the things.


It’s hard to know where to focus your energies and what activities to do first isn’t it?


Do you start with social media?  How do you build brand awareness?  What sort of content should you post?  How do you get your message across without repeating yourself? Do you need a website? Should you be collecting emails?


These are questions I get asked ALL the time!


Seek help from a marketing coach & you’ll start off on the right track, waste less time and get results.


I’ll help you nail your message, grow an engaged audience and create a simple strategy so the right prospects fall in love with you and the sales roll in!


Let’s chat today!

Hey I’m Nicola

I’m a digital marketing coach for small business.

Being a mum of 3 with a home based business, I’ve sussed a few things out over the years for a smoother life.

My time is precious!  So I want to get to my goals in the most efficient way possible.  

This is why I help women in business tailor their marketing to their specific customer’s journey. 

AND, create kick-ass content to attract the right audience.

I’m passionate about teaching other women in business what I have found to be true:


That your small business needs you to step into the leadership role so you consistently show up and take action.

And if you focus on the right tasks and the right messaging you’ll make money in less time and without overwhelm.


Nicola Depiazzi Productivity and Mindset coach

Let’s Grow Your Small Business

Pick My Brains & Get Unstuck!

power hour marketing audit


Uncover why your marketing isn’t working. Get your marketing questions answered.  Go forward with clarity & action.

Want to Grow an Engaged Audience?

Kick Ass Content

kick ass Content

Nail your messaging, build relationships, have a kick ass content strategy and you’ll attract the right prospects ready to buy from you.

Need a Simple Plan of Action?

Five steps to successfully work from home

strategy simplified

Start with the foundations, build a strategy based on your customer’s journey, a content strategy for an audience of raving fans & convert sales.

Accountability, Support & Growth?

Five steps to successfully work from home

membership community

Join my Thriving Business Mums Club to upskill in marketing, learn to be productive, strategic and consistently show up online.

Nicola supported me in carrying out a full marketing audit. I now have a clear and focused strategy which is aligned with my business goals, personal preferences and available time for marketing. She is thorough, thoughtful and an expert in all things marketing. She went out of her way to streamline my approach, challenge my decisions and create a bespoke marketing action plan! I highly recommend her to support your business. The investment will save you time and money!

Becky Follet

Founder, Agile Business Consultancy


and get your marketing delivering results


Implement these 7 simple tactics to get more leads from social media, even if you have a small audience.


social media marketing get more leads


Not sure what help you need but pretty sure you need something to inject a spark into your business?

Let’s have a no obligation 30 min chat smile


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Thriving Business Mums Club Members



You absolutely CAN have an awesome business working from home that makes money AND have the time for a happy family life.


I set up the THRIVING BUSINESS MUMS CLUB to provide group coaching without the 1:1 price tag.


I am passionate about helping mums succeed by focusing on change.  Learn great marketing, have a positive mindset, and awesome time management.


Come over and join the community, ask your questions and make sales!

find out what you get in the clubWHAT MEMBERS SAY...

Nicola’s insights, support and knowledge have been so helpful in upping my online presence and creating marketing that works. Since joining the Thriving Business Mum’s Club, I have learnt so much, taken invaluable action AND met some other incredible business mums as we support each other through the tricky and ever-changing world of digital marketing. Highly recommended 🙂

Fleur Chapman

Founder, Fleur Chapman Health Coaching & Writer


I love being a part of the Thriving Business Mums Club.  I have loved how all the modules have actionable steps that are relevant to each and every business.  You can really see which step you need to take next.  The coaching calls are almost like a 1 on 1 session which is so beneficial and the social media collaborative planning sessions really help to bring a new sense of content to your marketing.  I would recommend anyone who is unsure of what step they need to take next in their business to join.  It really is fantastic.


Blue Ribbon Gifts

Many thanks Nicola, I have found your support and knowledge invaluable.

As a total newbie to social media, I was worried I would never have content for regular posts and blogs and totally overwhelmed.

However, the tools you shared have been great and have enabled me to have “buckets” full of inspiration and content.

Much appreciated


Your True Potential

I found this system so rewarding when I compelte it thanks to the content buckets. 

Feels so good to have most of my month planned out! 

Thank you Nicola for all your amazing tips and tricks!


Positive Mindset Coaching

Nicola is friendly, encouraging and full of valuable information!

The marketing stratergies and tools Nicola has taught me have helped so much.

I now have a new clarity and direction. Thanks so much


Angela Dawn Awakening

Nicola is amazing! 

I was completely lost regarding facebook marketing until she walked me through the settings to check, dos and don’ts and most importantly what sorts of content I should be posting and when. 

I strongly recommend Nicola to anyone wanting to use FB for business. 


Next Gen Wellness


Why knowing your target audience is important

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social media marketing get more leads

Are you actually getting leads from your social media marketing?

Business does not have to be hard. 

Simplify your strategy, focus on the right tactics and your business will grow - even if you have a small audience.


Grab this 10 page e-book and action plan to get your socials working TODAY!

Yay for making social media a success!